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How to Report a Work Accident in New Jersey


When an employee is injured at work, it is important that they file a report or tell a supervisor immediately. Depending on the incident and the extent of damage, the person might be eligible for compensation. New Jersey requires that all employers not covered by a federal program have workers’ compensation insurance to protect their employees. In return, injured employees cannot sue their employers if an injury occurs at work in most cases[1].

In cases of work-related accidents, it is important to report It as soon as possible, as you may be unable to get compensation unless you tell your employer in a timely manner. New Jersey law generally defines a work accident as one that occurs during the course of the employment. Even if the employee is not on company grounds, but is working off site for their job, they have grounds to seek compensation. There are certain steps you must take to report the incident.

How to report a work accident:

  • Immediately notify your supervisor / employer.
  • Seek medical attention (usually through company’s worker’s compensation insurance)
  • The employer should then contact their insurance carrier to file a “First Report of Injury with the State.
  • The employer or worker’s compensation carrier should provide you with other information as to how to proceed.

Your employer or their insurance carrier may have their opinion as to whether a claim is compensable or not; that decision is not binding. This is where the experienced attorneys at Levinson Axelrod can help you or a loved one acquire medical treatment, money for during the time you are under doctor’s care, and compensation for any permanent injury. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

[1] In cases where the employer has acted deliberately or knowingly with a substantial certainty to cause injury, then it may be possible to sue the employer, these cases are rare and it is very important to contact us to investigate such claims.

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