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Why We See Clients Nights and Weekends


At Levinson Axelrod we have a tradition of being available for our clients at their convenience. My father founded the firm in 1939 when WWII was right around the corner. Many of the working people that he represented in the 1940’s had no set hours and needed a lawyer nights and 7 days a week. He was there for them.

The firm started in a small converted house in Perth Amboy, New Jersey and was a neighborhood firm. Clients and potential clients could walk in all the time when it was convenient to them; we knew that meant nights and weekends too. As the firm expanded to more offices and attorneys, all the lawyers who came to work for Levinson Axelrod knew that availability was part of our commitment and firm culture.

We have continued this approach with clients. We know injured people often have busy lives and dealing with personal injuries imposes even more time problems. Therefore, we continue to remain available evenings and 7 days a week for appointments. Part of our job is to make things as convenient as possible for the injured.

Call us, give us a time and we will be there for you when you need us. Injuries cause enough hardships and we will try to solve difficulties within our power.

Levinson Axelrod, your neighbors … your lawyers.

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