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Is My Attorney a Certified Trial Attorney?


An attorney in New Jersey can become a certified trial attorney by demonstrating experience, education and knowledge in trial practice (which includes personal injury practice and workers’ compensation). The New Jersey Supreme Court will certify an attorney as a certified civil trial attorney when the attorney has met a number of requirements. In order to become a certified civil trial attorney, the attorney must: 1) practice law in New Jersey for over 5 years; 2) take at least 45 hours of classes regarding trial certification; 3) receive good reviews from other attorneys and judges; 4) participate in at least 45 days of trial; and 5) pass a written test on civil trial law.

The certification program helps clients know that their attorney has a high level of experience and will represent their interests well. Of the over 40,000 active lawyers in New Jersey, only 2% are certified civil trial attorneys. How do you know if your attorney is certified? Well, only attorneys certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court are allowed to put Certified Civil Trial Attorney or Certified Workers’ Compensation Attorney on their letterhead, business cards and advertisements.

Here, at Levinson Axelrod, we have ten (10) certified trial attorneys, with certifications in civil law and workers’ compensation.

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