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  • Attorney Mark Kuminski Secures $2 Million Construction Accident Settlement

    Levinson Axelrod, P.A. Partner Mark V. Kuminski and our legal team have secured a $2 million settlement on behalf of an injured construction worker. Our client, who was employed as a mason, had been on working on a construction site in Princeton, New Jersey at the time of the accident. While pouring concrete, he stepped backwards into an open hole which was not covered, and fell waist deep into ...
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  • New Bill Makes It Easier For Employers to Hide Employee Injuries

    Late on Monday, April 3, 2017, President Trump signed new legislation that lessens reporting requirements for employers when their employees get sick or hurt while on the job. Last month, Congress voted to use the Congressional Review Act to repeal regulations introduced under the previous administration that required employers in dangerous industries to keep accurate records of injuries suffered ...
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  • Notice to New Jersey Construction Workers: Be Cautious in Summer Heat!

    Summer weather may be beautiful, especially compared to the dreary winter months, but it can be just as dangerous as it is pleasant if you don’t take care of yourself. While everyone should worry about their safety in these sweltering temperatures, construction workers, and other people who work outdoors need to take extra precautions to avoid heat-related illnesses and injuries. Why Is Heat Such ...
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  • Are Construction Sites Inspected?

    Construction sites require inspections to ensure that safety codes and regulations are met. These inspections are the most effective ways in which to identify and prevent dangerous risks and protect the workers. The multiple moving parts on a construction site require special care and attention. The New Jersey Administrative Code establishes certain guidelines construction zones and project owners ...
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  • Top 7 Dangers in the Workplace

    Under federal law, workers are entitled to a safe working space. Employers have a responsibility to provide necessary instruction and equipment to make the jobsite safe. However, injures occur too often. At Levinson Axelrod, we want you to protect yourself from potential harm. By knowing the top dangers in the workplace, you can better avoid them. 1. Falls Trip and falls are one of the most common ...
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  • What is the Most Dangerous Occupation?

    Almost 6.5 million individuals work in the construction industry in the United States. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates an average of 252,000 construction sites litter the nation. Of these numbers, OSHA reported an increased number of work fatalities in the construction industry. In 2014, 874 men and women died. This makes construction worker one of the most ...
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  • Is Taking Settlement Funding Loan Against your Personal Injury Case in your Best Interests?

    For many accident victims, waiting two or three years for a settlement from a personal injury claim seems to be an unreasonable delay. After all, a dollar today is generally worth more than that same dollar in three years from now. A simple solution appears to be calling up a settlement funding company and taking out a small loan to ease any financial burdens in the short-term. However, taking out ...
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  • Will Filing for Bankruptcy Impact My Personal Injury Case?

    Many times accidents can take a financial toll on injured victims who are unable to work and have mounting medical bills. In these situations, often bankruptcy appears to be a fresh start which will help put the accident behind them so they can get back to their normal routine. However, filing for bankruptcy when you have a pending personal injury claim can often have negative implications for ...
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  • Levinson Axelrod Makes a Difference in Protecting an Injured Workers Credit

    When a person is injured while working on the job, generally their only remedy is to file a workers’ compensation claim because in New Jersey you cannot sue your employer. Filing a workers’ compensation claim protects an employee in many ways. One of the issues commonly dealt with is getting outstanding medical bills paid before they go into collection. The following scenario occurs often after a ...
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  • Can a Decision in Another Court Impact My Personal Injury Claim?

    The simple answer is yes. When you are injured in an accident, your right to bring a personal injury claim in New Jersey is governed by various laws. The source of the controlling law can come from different sources. Most people are familiar with statutes that are implemented by the State Legislature and regulatory provisions that are established by the various State agencies. However, a less well ...
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  • Is My Attorney a Certified Trial Attorney?

    An attorney in New Jersey can become a certified trial attorney by demonstrating experience, education and knowledge in trial practice (which includes personal injury practice and workers’ compensation). The New Jersey Supreme Court will certify an attorney as a certified civil trial attorney when the attorney has met a number of requirements. In order to become a certified civil trial attorney, ...
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  • The Future of Full Social Security Benefits is Questionable

    The ability of the Social Security Administration to pay full benefits, both retirement and disability , in the future is questionable. This article briefly explains how these benefits are funded, issues facing future benefits, and issues surrounding potential solutions. Currently, 11 million Americans receive disability benefits through Social Security, either Social Security Disability Insurance ...
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  • Protect Emergency Personnel, Tow Truck Drivers, and Highway Maintenance Personnel by Slowing Down and Moving Over when They are Working on the Side of the Road.

    A common sight along our congested roads is the presence of emergency vehicles, tow trucks, and work trucks on the side of the road with their lights flashing while a police officer, tow truck driver, or other worker is performing his or her duties. This is an extremely hazardous situation for police officers and other workers because they have to work alongside fast moving vehicular traffic ...
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  • The Statute of Limitations Determines When You Have To File A Lawsuit

    After an accident, receiving prompt medical attention should be your primary concern. However, always keep in mind of the Statute of Limitations, which determines when you have to file a lawsuit for injuries that you sustained from a motor vehicle accident, medical malpractice , slip and fall to name a few. In New Jersey, the general rule that applies to most (not all) personal injury claims is ...
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