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Attorney Todd Wachtel Spoke About Workers' Compensation at the 2018 Advanced Workers Compensation Law Conference


On Friday, February 9, 2018, Todd Wachtel, Esq., a partner at Levinson Axelrod’s Hillsborough Office, spoke at the 2018 Advanced Workers Compensation Law Conference in Edison, New Jersey.

In New Jersey, attorneys are required to go to Continuing Legal Education (CLE) classes. An “advanced” class like this one covers far more than the basics of Worker’s Compensation law, and is aimed to teach other lawyers the practical aspects of Worker’s Compensation issues so that they can best represent their clients.

Todd covered issues that arise when the Worker’s Compensation carrier wants to send an injured worker back to work on “light duty”, but the Petitioner is not able to do it, or when the employer is not able to accommodate the doctor’s request. Further, Todd spoke about issues that arise in the calculation of wages, and temporary disability benefits. To say this was a ‘packed house’ would be an understatement, as additional seats had to be brought in to fit all of the lawyers that came to this conference.

Todd, along with his fellow New Jersey Workers’ Compensation lawyers at Levinson Axelrod, P.A., are committed to using our knowledge and experience to provide injured victims with the passionate legal representation they deserve. Call us at (732) 440-3089 to speak with a member of our firm today, or fill out our online form to start out with a free case evaluation and learn more about what your legal options are.

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