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Attorneys Ronald Grayzel, Patrick Flinn Recover $500,000 for Slip & Fall Victim

$500,000 for slip and fall victim

New Jersey Personal Injury Attorneys Ronald Grayzel and Patrick Flinn recently secured $500,000 in compensation for a client who suffered injuries after she slipped on a wet floor at a local supermarket. The recovery was obtained after three days of trial.

Our firm’s client suffered her injuries while shopping at a local ShopRite Supermarket. In that particular market, the seafood department had displays of fresh seafood, which were packed with crushed ice to keep the seafood cold. As the ice melted throughout the day, water leaked out of the displays and ran out onto the aisle of the seafood department, creating the wet and slippery floor that ultimately led to our client’s injuries.

Through their diligent investigations, Attorneys Grayzel and Flinn were able to determine that employees at the supermarket had noticed water leaking from the seafood displays onto the aisle several months prior to our client’s incident. Although the leaky displays were reported to ShopRite management, no repairs were made.

As a result of the supermarket’s failure to address known hazards – a critical element in premises liability cases – our client unsuspectingly walked onto a patch of wet floor caused by the leaky displays, and subsequently slipped and fell. She suffered an injury to her right ankle, was required to limit her mobility and remain in a walking boot for six weeks, and attended two months of physical therapy before continuing her rehabilitation with a home exercise program.

When our client’s ankle did not improve with therapy, an MRI was prescribed. The MRI revealed two torn ligaments and a severe aggravation of the rheumatoid arthritis our client had been diagnosed with roughly seven years before the fall. Due to the progression of the arthritis along with the torn ligaments, our client’s orthopedic surgeon recommended she undergo an ankle fusion.

While the ankle fusion relieved some of the pain our client had been experiencing since the fall, it severely limited her normal activities. She has difficulty caring for and playing with her daughter and has significantly modified her workout routine.

By building the necessary evidence and arguments to show how ShopRite management failed to fix the leaky displays they knew about for months prior to the accident, and which they knew or should have known would pose a danger to customers, and demonstrating the full scope of our clients’ damages, Attorneys Grayzel and Flinn were able to reach a settlement for $500,000 following three days of trial.

Levinson Axelrod, P.A.: About our Lawyers

Ronald B. Grayzel is a Partner at Levinson Axelrod, P.A. A Certified Civil Trial Lawyer by the New Jersey Supreme Court with more than 35 years of experience, Ron has been recognized as a passionate and tireless advocate for his clients, securing many notable settlements and verdicts for victims of car accidents, defective products, medical malpractice, and other preventable harms. In 2016, he was selected by his peers among the Best Lawyers in New Jersey as published in The New York Times.

Patrirck J. Flinn is an Associate at Levinson Axelrod, P.A. who serves clients throughout Middlesex County and Central New Jersey in a range of personal injury claims. Since joining our firm, Patrick has cultivated a reputation for his diligence, drive, and competitive spirit; attributes that make him an invaluable asset to victims and families seeking compensation through the civil justice system. In 2018, Patrick earned his Civil Trial Attorney Certification from the New Jersey Supreme Court, a distinguishing achievement held by only a select group of attorneys who have proven themselves adept in a specific area of law.

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