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Result: Brett Greiner and Jessica Bland Secure $1.3 Million for Nurse in Essex County

$1.3 Million Verdict

After a car crash, our client sustained severe injuries to her neck, back, and shoulder, and surgery was recommended. However, she understandably did not want to get surgery. However, this made the case more challenging to put in front of a jury that needed to know her limitations and how the injury affected her. On paper, the defense attorneys thought her complaints did not warrant a substantial award, and only willing to offer $200,000.00.

In discussing the case with the client, the decision was made to take the case to Trial. Jessica and Brett were able to help our client fully explain the impact of this injury, and were able to tell the story through medical testimony as well. After hearing from our client, the Jury awarded $1,300,000.00. This was a tremendous result, and we are extremely proud that Jessica and Brett were able to guide our client through the process to help them get the compensation they deserved.

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