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New Jersey Police Departments Crackdown on Texting & Driving This April

woman texting while driving

157 police departments across New Jersey have announced a crackdown on texting and driving violations, lasting all of April 2023. The crackdown is part of the “U Text. U Drive. U Pay.” campaign run by the Division of Highway Traffic Safety. The goal is to stop distracted driving behaviors that cause thousands of serious and fatal car accidents each year in the state.

According to state officials, more than 250 texting and driving tickets were issued each day in April 2022 during a similar crackdown campaign. Another 125 careless driving tickets were issued daily during the same period. The outcome of this year’s campaign can be compared to those results to gauge whether texting and driving and other unsafe behaviors have declined in the last year.

The crackdown will include increased highway patrol and police presence on the streets, especially during the busiest hours of the day. Officers have been instructed to pay extra attention to drivers who are holding an electronic device while behind the wheel.

People who are ticketed for texting while driving can be penalized with:

  • $200 to $400 fines for the first offense.
  • $800 fines and three insurance points for additional offenses.

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Help Stop Texting & Driving Accidents This April

As a driver, it is important to do your part to help reduce the number of texting and driving accidents, both during and after New Jersey’s April campaign. Texting while driving is illegal and heightens your risk of getting into a serious car accident, so you must never do it.

If you need to answer a text or make a call while driving, it is best practice to pull off the road in a safe area before doing so. A parking lot near the road is usually the safest place to stop and make a call. You should always pay attention to the traffic signals, signs, and other cars on the road when making this maneuver. Never use your phone if you are in heavy traffic or on an unfamiliar roadway.

It's also important to have strong self-control when behind the wheel of a car. Even if you find yourself tempted by the notifications coming from your phone, remember that it is not worth risking your safety or the safety of others. Staying focused on the road ahead at all times is essential for safe driving practices.

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