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Levinson Axelrod Sponsors Lydia Amputee Foundation 5K Walk

megan coppa, todd wachtel, mark kuminski, christopher deangelo

Levinson Axelrod was a sponsor of the annual 5k walk for Lydia's Amputees Foundation, held on April 23, 2023, at Alvin P Williams Park in Sewaren, New Jersey. The foundation, founded by Lydia Grey to provide support and hope for amputees, aims to be a vital resource for information on prosthetics. The walk helps to spread awareness of the charity's mission, and was well-attended, despite the rainy weather that morning.

Several attorneys from Levinson Axelrod, including Megan Coppa, Chris DeAngelo, Mark Kuminski, and Todd Wachtel, participated in the event. Mark Kuminski, who sits on the board of the foundation, also donated gift baskets, which were raffled off to raise funds for the charity.

Levinson Axelrod is committed to supporting meaningful causes such as Lydia's Amputees Foundation and is proud to contribute to this important effort.