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Result: Kelley Lavery Secures Jury Award for 3x Insurance Company’s Settlement Offer

Kelley Lavery

Levinson Axelrod, P.A. Attorney Kelley Lavery recently prevailed in reaching a successful verdict in an auto accident trial in Somerset County.

As court records show, Kelley represented a client who was injured in a rear-end accident on Route 206 in Montgomery Township. Our client suffered significant back pain for which she underwent two pain management injections and approximately 30 physical therapy sessions, but she did not receive any further treatment beyond ten months post-accident.

In pretrial negotiations, the Defendant failed to make a fair settlement offer, arguing that the collision was a low-speed impact that caused very minor property damage and no serious or permanent injuries. Given the low offer, Kelley continued to litigate the case, which subsequently went to a jury trial.

Following a three-day trial in Somerset County, the jury sided with our client and awarded her over three times the insurance company’s pre-trial settlement offer.

Kelley Lavery is a Levinson Axelrod, P.A. Associate who represents victims in a range of claims involving motor vehicle accidents, municipal liability, serious injury, and wrongful death. A former Criminal Prosecutor and Civil Defense Attorney, Kelley has leveraged his extensive insight to help victims of negligence recover millions of dollars in compensation. In July, Kelley recovered a nearly $1 million settlement for a client who fell in a parking garage.