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September is Driver Courtesy Month

Driving safely

New Jersey doesn’t have the greatest reputation when it comes to driving. In fact, the state came in at #42 out of 50 in WalletHub's list of the Best & Worst States to Drive In earlier this year. And while those rankings were based primarily on factors such as traffic, infrastructure, safety, and cost of vehicle ownership and maintenance, there is something to be said about the attitude and aggression many drivers across Jersey, and the country, don when on the road.

In an effort to rehabilitate our more aggressive motorists and promote safer and friendlier roads, the National Motorist Association (NMA) has declared September as Driver Courtesy Month. Our team at Levinson Axelrod, P.A. is happy to help spread the word.

Are You a Courteous Driver?

Throughout the month, the National Motorist Association encourages motorists to drive courteously every time they get behind the wheel and to remember the Golden Rule of driving – drive like you want others to drive. To help drivers come to terms with their potentially discourteous behavior, NMA also developed an online quiz called Are You a Courteous Driver?

Are You a Courteous Driver? Take the quiz here.

Participants who complete the quiz are eligible to win prices, and are strongly encouraged to share the quiz with friends and family. Some examples of questions you’ll see:

  • What’s the best way to understand another road user’s intentions?
  • When an aggressive driver comes up behind you, what do you do?
  • How often do you use your turn signals?

According to the NMA, driver courtesy encompasses different aspects of driving that novice drivers might learn in driving school or experienced drivers should know from experience. This includes some unwritten rules of the road, actual laws, and common sense practices such as:

  1. Drive on the right, pass on the left.
  2. Use turn signals and don’t tailgate.
  3. Drive at a safe and steady speed.
  4. Avoid distractions, pay attention, and don’t text and drive.
  5. Pull over for emergency vehicles.
  6. Turn down bright headlights when another vehicle approaches.
  7. Park in a single space between the lines.
  8. Yield the right-of-way at four-way stops.
  9. Control the urge to road rage.
  10. Thank other courteous drivers or pedestrians by waving.

Visit the NMA Driver Courtesy Page to learn more.

Injured in an Accident? Trust Experienced Attorneys.

At Levinson Axelrod, we’re happy to support Driver Courtesy Month and encourage our fellow New Jersey residents to do the same. Unfortunately, we know even the most cautious and courteous drivers can still suffer harm at the hands of negligent and aggressive motorists.

As a firm that’s recovered millions in compensation for victims injured in all types of motor vehicle accidents, we are available to help victims across the state learn more about their rights and options for recovering needed compensation after a crash. If you or someone you love were recently injured in a car accident, contact us to request a free consultation.