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Result: Robert Y. Cook Recovers $100K Policy Limits Settlement for Auto Accident Victim


In April, Partner Robert Y. Cook of Levinson Axelrod, P.A. recovered a $100,000 policy limits settlement for a client injured in a motor vehicle accident.

According to court documents, the 51-year-old victim was rear-ended while stopped in traffic in November 2017. The Plaintiff had a prior motor vehicle accident after which he was left with four bulging discs in his neck. It was alleged that the four bulges became disc herniations because they were aggravated by the most recent rear-end collision.

As a result of his injuries, Robert’s client underwent four epidural injections in his neck. The Plaintiff had also been treating with a chiropractic for neck pain up to two years before the crash.

While a radiologist for the Defense opined that only one disc worsened after the crash, Robert was able to negotiate a $100,000 settlement for the limits of the defendant’s auto insurance policy. The policy limits recovery will help compensate our client for his pain and suffering.

Robert Y. Cook is a Partner at Levinson Axelrod, P.A. who focuses his practice on representing victims injured in auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, and by defective and dangerous products. A U.S. Army veteran, Robert leverages the discipline and attention to detail he learned during his service to meticulously prepare claims and help clients fight for the financial recovery they deserve.

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