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Result: Kim Gozsa Recovers $230K for Auto Accident Victim

Result: Kim Gozsa Recovers $230K for Auto Accident Victim

Levinson Axelrod, P.A. Partner Kim Gozsa recently recovered $230,250 in compensation for a motor vehicle accident victim who was struck by a vehicle that failed to yield.

As court records indicate, our client had been traveling down a major roadway in New Jersey when the Defendant pulled out onto the main road from a side street in front of our client’s vehicle, causing the crash. Our client suffered neck injuries in the crash and experienced vision and balance issues.

Following the incident, the Defendant driver claimed bushes located on the corner prevented them from being able to see traffic. During her investigation, Attorney Kim Gozsa retrieved photographs taken on the date the crash, which showed that the bushes were located far down the roadway from the side street. Kim was able to show the Defendant failed to carefully observe the traffic conditions causing the significant crash.

After cross-examination of the defendant during deposition, Kim was able to reach a resolution in the case. In total, she recovered $230,250 for her client’s pain and suffering.

Kimberly L. Gozsa is a Partner at Levinson Axelrod, P.A. and a Certified Civil Trial Attorney by the New Jersey Supreme Court. Backed by over two decades in practice, Kim has helped victims and families across New Jersey recover millions in compensation following preventable injuries. She secured the 8th largest verdict in the state of New Jersey in 2019, as reported by the New Jersey Law Journal, with a $3.225M verdict for a slip and fall victim.

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