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Result: Adam L. Rothenberg Secures $1M Settlement for Tractor-Trailer Accident Victim

$1 Million Settlement

Levinson Axelrod, P.A. Partner Adam L. Rothenberg recently secured a $1 million settlement on behalf of a 19-year-old woman who suffered multiple injuries in a tractor-trailer collision.

As noted in court records, our client was a passenger in a motor vehicle that collided with a tractor-trailer making an illegal U-turn. The impact resulted in an underride accident – a collision where a passenger vehicle becomes lodged under the elevated undercarriage of a commercial truck.

Following the crash, our client was initially treated in the ER and discharged, but was hospitalized and admitted again two days later due to the retention of glass in the wounds and ongoing symptoms. She suffered injuries to her face, arm, wrist, and shoulder, and permanent facial scarring of her arm and wrist. She also experienced neuropathic issues, including residual numbness to her wrist and arm after glass was removed and residual weakness in the affected extremity.

Ultimately, Partner Adam Rothenberg was able to recover $1 million in compensation against the commercial trucking company, which provided the majority of the settlement, and our client’s host driver, whom settled for the limits of their liability policy. She intends to use the money to pay for Nursing School.

Adam L. Rothenbergis a Partner at Levinson Axelrod, P.A. who has helped victims across New Jersey recover millions in compensation following preventable accidents and injuries. A Certified Civil Trial Law Specialist by the New Jersey Supreme Court, Mr. Rothenberg has cultivated a reputation for his work litigating complex claims involving motor vehicle accidents, trucking collisions, medical malpractice, multiple defendants, and contested liability.

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