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N.J. Auto Insurers Required to Disclose Policy Limits Upon Request, Per New Law

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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has signed S-1558 into law, which under certain circumstances, requires auto insurers throughout the state to disclose policy limits to an injured party upon request by an attorney.

S-1558 has been one of the New Jersey Association for Justice’s (NJAJ) top legislative priorities, according to the association’s president. State law previously required a lawsuit to be filed against an auto insurer before policy amounts would be disclosed. Needless to say, this system led to many unnecessary lawsuits on a daily basis, as injured parties and their attorneys had to sue just to receive basic information from insurance companies. S-1558 effectively fixed this poorly designed system.

“Many times insurance companies have refused to disclose their limits and while doing so, will request that we provide information and medical records related to the claim being brought by our clients,” partner and shareholder Brett Greiner told the New Jersey Law Journal, “While I would generally not provide this without disclosure of the policy limits, even if one were to do so it would not permit cases to resolve without lawsuits being filed because you cannot settle a case unless you know how much coverage a defendant has available to them. … This law should make the whole process more efficient and fair.”

Attorney Greiner of Levinson Axelrod, P.A. was also featured by PropertyCasaulty360 on the new bill.

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