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Result: Kathleen DiGiovanni Secures $705K Settlement for Multi-Vehicle Auto Accident Victim

$705k Settlement

Levinson Axelrod, P.A. Attorney Kathleen DiGiovanni recently secured a six-figure settlement on behalf of a Monmouth County man who suffered a permanent back injury in a multi-vehicle auto accident.

According to case records, the crash occurred when our client was driving to work southbound on Route 287 in Somerville, New Jersey. Due to traffic on the Interstate, our client stopped his vehicle, and was subsequently rear-ended by another motorist. That vehicle was then struck by a third vehicle, forcing it forward and causing it to strike our client’s vehicle a second time.

As a result of the two collisions, our client experienced immediate pain in his lower back. He sought treatment first with his primary care physician, and then an orthopedic surgeon.

Upon the surgeon’s advice, our client underwent surgery to remove a disc in his lumbar spine that been herniated in the motor vehicle accident. Unfortunately, the surgery did not relieve his pain, so he underwent a second surgery, a decompression and fusion of his lumbar spine, which left him permanently injured.

Though multi-vehicle accident cases can make for complex claims, and create difficulties when it comes to determining fault and liability, Kathleen successfully negotiated a settlement for our client totaling $705,981.65 combined from all defendants.

The substantial settlement will help cover the considerable medical bills our client incurred as a result of his surgeries, as well as his pain and suffering, future medical needs, and other economic and non-economic damages.

Kathleen M. DiGiovanni is an Associate at Levinson Axelrod, P.A. A former NYC Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Kathleen has been fighting on behalf of injured victims and families across New Jersey since joining our team in 2012. Her experience and unwavering dedication to victims has allowed to prevail in a range of complex injury cases, and recover millions in compensation for our clients.

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