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Result: Kathleen DiGiovanni Recovers $700K For Nightclub Assault Victim

$700k Settlement

Kathleen DiGiovanni, an Associate at Levinson Axelrod, P.A. who works primarily from our offices in Howell and Belford, successfully negotiated a six-figure settlement for a client who was assaulted by security personnel at a local nightclub.

The case stems from an incident in which our client, a practicing chiropractor from Monmouth County, had been attending a birthday party held at a nightclub in Hoboken, NJ. At some point during the evening, security guards began assaulting his friends, and as our client when to help his friends, one of the security guards grabbed him in a choke hold, while a second guard punched him in the head.

Shortly after the assault, our client began experiencing intense headaches. He sought treatment and an evaluation for a traumatic brain injury (TBI) at the ER, and followed up with a neurologist.

Our client underwent extensive therapy and tried various medications during the course of his treatment. While he was able to reduce the severity and frequency of the headaches, he sustained nerve damage resulting in a permanent hand tremor. The tremor caused him undue hardship in his hands-on profession as a chiropractor, and will progressively get worse.

By illustrating the considerable impact our clients’ injuries will have on his career and his future, Kathleen was able to negotiate a $700,000 settlement with the nightclub on behalf of our client.

Since joining Levinson Axelrod, P.A. in 2012, Kathleen M. DiGiovanni has excelled in advocating for injured victims and families across New Jersey. Drawing from her previous work seeking justice for crime victims as a former Deputy Chief Prosecutor in New York City, Kathleen has secured millions of dollars in compensation for injured and wronged clients.

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