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$500K Settlement for Icy Parking Lot Slip & Fall Victim

$500,000 settlement

Partner Brett GreinerPartner Brett R. Greiner of Levinson Axelrod, P.A. recently secured a $500,000 settlement for a client injured in a slip and fall accident.

As noted in court records, our client was walking in a parking lot at the time of the accident. While making her way to her vehicle after leaving the office where she worked, she slipped on ice in the parking lot, fell, and broke her ankle.

Following the incident, our client was transported to a local hospital by ambulance. Medical professionals advised that she needed surgery to repair the bones she broke during the fall. The surgery was performed using a medical-grade plate and screws.

After her surgery, our client took time to recover, and had to undergo physical therapy to regain mobility and function in her ankle.

Ultimately, Partner Brett Greiner pursued compensation from the owner of the office building where the parking lot was located, as property owners have a legal duty to reasonably address hazardous conditions on their premises, and negotiated a $500,000 settlement from its insurance carrier. The settlement will cover our client’s pain and suffering and lost income while she was recovering.

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