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$574,226.11 Trial Verdict Obtained by Partner Jim Dunn, Associate Brian McElroy for Delivery Driver Attacked by Dogs


Levinson Axelrod, P.A. is pleased to announce that Partner James J. Dunn secured a $574,226.11 trial verdict on behalf of a client who was seriously injured after being attacked by two dogs. Jim was assisted by Associate Brian P. McElroy of the Hillsborough Office.

The case and trial, which took place in Somerset County, stemmed from an incident in which our client, a package delivery driver for UPS, was suddenly and viciously attacked by two dogs while making a delivery to the owners’ residence. As a result of the attack, our client suffered a serious injury to the cartilage of his right knee, as well as multiple lacerations on his body. The injury to his knee required a surgical procedure to repair the damaged cartilage.

After extensive investigation, evidence preservation, and the filing of a lawsuit, the Court found the defendants (the owners of the two dogs) wholly responsible for the dog attack. The issue over the extent of our clients’ injuries and damages proceeded to a jury trial in Somerset County. After presenting a compelling argument at trial, Jim and Brian were able to educate the jury about the seriousness of our clients’ injuries, as well as his extensive medical bills and significant pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. The jury awarded a total of $574,226.11 to our client.

Experienced New Jersey Trial Lawyers with Proven Results

Our entire team at Levinson Axelrod, P.A. is pleased that the court and the jury in this case ruled in favor of our client, which means he will obtain the financial compensation he rightfully deserves. The preparation and dedication with which Attorneys Dunn and McElroy handled this matter are proof positive of the time we devote to difficult cases, our proven litigation abilities, and the invaluable insight of having numerous attorneys Certified in Civil Trial Law (and Workers’ Compensation) by the New Jersey Supreme Court.

In addition to demonstrating that victims of dog bite injuries and animal attacks have rights to pursue justice and compensation in the civil justice system, this case is also a valuable reminder that even though workers may suffer injuries while performing job-related duties (which was the case for our client), they may have options to pursue compensation outside of the workers’ comp system. This is typically the case when the negligence of a third party, meaning a party that is not the worker’s employer, caused the underlying incident, injuries, and damages.

As a proven team of personal injury and workers’ compensation lawyers, we help injured worker evaluate whether the merits of their claim and the most appropriate pathway to compensation. You can learn more about our firm and our case results on our website, or discuss a potential case anywhere in New Jersey by contacting us for a free consultation.

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