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Dangerous Roadways to Avoid in New Jersey


New Jersey’s beauty and appeal are undeniable, causing many tourists to travel to the small state. However, whether you are new to town or have lived here for decades, there are certain highways that you should drive on with caution. The New Jersey Department of Transportation estimates that, on average, there are 290,212 car accidents and 521 fatalities in a year. Many of these serious accidents occur in common areas around New Jersey.

Dangerous Roadways in New Jersey

Whether you are driving on a highway, interstate, or freeway, some areas are more congested and dangerous than others. These locations tend to have the most accidents happen at a given time.

The routes include:

  • Route 22 – Crossing through New Jersey, route 22 runs for 647.5 miles, 60.53 of those miles within the small state. The most congested location on the highway is from Jefferson Avenue to Madison Avenue in Union Township. Reports suggest an average of 246 crashes occur on the route each year.
  • Route 37 – This route is located in Ocean County and runs for 13.43 miles. Because of the vacationers coming in from New York and Northern New Jersey, this route tends to become congested during the summer. The area between Thomas Street and Barnegat Bay suffers some of the highest traffic. This activity leads to an average of 236 crashes.
  • Route 17 – Constructed in 1942, route 17 runs for 27.20 miles in Bergen County. The path between Power Drive and Linwood Avenue becomes highly congested, with a large amount of traffic. This led to 231 crashes.
  • Route 27 – Route 27 runs for 38.53 miles through New Jersey, going from Mercer County to Essex County. Stuart Place to Thompson Avenue have been known to have high incidents of accidents, with a reported 219 crashes.
  • Route 1 – Running from Florida to Maine, route 1 expands for 66.06 miles in New Jersey. In West Windsor, from Quaker Bridge Road to Alexander Road, approximately 218 crashes occurred.

At Levinson Axelrod, we want drivers to be safe. Unfortunately, no matter how well you obey traffic rules, others may not be as careful. If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident because of someone else’s negligence, contact our firm today! We will review your case and inform you of your rights.

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