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Doctors and health care providers are expected to treat their patients in accordance to accepted standards of their profession. When their negligence results in substandard care that injures a patient, that patient has the right to seek compensation for their losses. This includes damages that can follow failures to diagnose cancer and cancer misdiagnoses.

At Levinson Axelrod, P.A., our award-winning trial lawyers represent victims in a range of medical malpractice cases. We’re trusted by families across New Jersey because:

  • We have won over $1 billion in verdicts and settlements for clients.
  • We have recovered more than $350 million in the last 5 years.
  • We’re named among the U.S. News – Best Lawyers “Best Law Firms” list.
  • Attorney Rosemary E. McGeady, M.D. is an attorney / physician who brings a wealth of insight to our medical malpractice cases.
  • Our team includes attorneys Certified in Civil Trial Law by the NJ Supreme Court.

If you have suffered due to a health care provider’s mistake in diagnosing your cancer or if your loved one has paid the ultimate price due to a preventable medical error, our New Jersey cancer misdiagnosis attorneys can help you explore options for seeking justice and accountability.

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Failure to Diagnose Cancer Lawsuits: When is it Malpractice?

Cancer remains a leading cause of death in America, but there are a variety of effective treatments and interventions that can help patients beat their cancers. However, the efficacy of these treatments is often dependent on being able to detect cancer and intervene in its earliest stages.

For patients with cancer who believe a medical provider failed to diagnose cancer, failed to timely treat cancer, or otherwise made a mistake in misdiagnosing cancer as another condition, the right to recover financially in a medical malpractice lawsuit will depend on the specific facts of your case.

Although medical malpractice claims need to be reviewed by experienced attorneys before any assessment about its merits is made, all victims will need to prove that they suffered harm because of medical negligence. Generally, medical negligence is defined as:

A health care provider’s failure to act as a reasonably skilled and trained provider would act under the same or similar circumstances.

In the context of cancer, there are many ways providers may fail to meet the standard of care. Some examples of cancer-related medical negligence:

  • Failure to properly evaluate a patient and conduct a medical history
  • Failure to order necessary tests, including bloodwork, biopsies, and imaging
  • Testing and radiology errors
  • Incorrectly interpreting test results
  • Failure to refer patients to specialists
  • Failure to perform a differential diagnosis
  • Identifying cancerous lesions, growths, or biopsies as benign
  • Failure to diagnose skin cancer, breast cancer, or colorectal cancer

Damages for Cancer Diagnosis Malpractice

Failing to meet the standard of care can subject medical providers to liability for injuries and losses suffered by victims. This includes cases involving:

  • Patients who failed to receive any treatment for cancer
  • Unnecessary surgery such as a hysterectomy, mastectomy or lumpectomy
  • Delayed treatment, causing the cancer to metastasize and spread
  • Shortened life due to a lack of treatment or necessary surgical intervention
  • Damage from chemotherapy when it was not needed
  • Wrongful death

By holding providers liable for damages such as:

  • Medical expenses and future medical care
  • Lost income and future earnings
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish and loss of quality of life
  • Loss of consortium and emotional / financial support
  • Other economic and non-economic damages

Whether a doctor incorrectly diagnosed you with cancer or failed to / delayed in giving you a diagnosis of cancer, you need to take action to protect your rights and future at this time. Our trial advocates can help you build a strong case and hold negligent health care providers accountable.

Our New Jersey lawyers at Levinson Axelrod, P.A. are available to review the facts of your case and discuss if you have grounds to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit over a provider’s failure to diagnose cancer. Our award-winning team serves clients across New Jersey from multiple office locations.

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Only the Best Possible Result

Helping Clients Get the Compensation They Need
  • Medical Malpractice Settlement $12,500,000
  • Tractor-Trailer Jury Verdict $8,000,000

    A 35-year-old laborer who resides in Kearny was seriously injured while working on the median of a highway when a passing tractor-trailer lost a wheel that struck him. Evidence at trial established that after a recent tire change, the lug nuts were not properly secured by both the owner and the independent contractor who had installed the tire. Our client suffered severe head and orthopedic injuries and is now totally disabled as a result of the accident.

  • Premises Liability Jury Verdict $7,000,000

    A woman was putting her 3-year-old son on a carnival amusement ride while holding onto a portable fence when she received an electrical shock. Our client was hospitalized and later developed Traumatic Dystonia, a condition that caused tremors in the hand and makes the fingers curl.

  • Personal Injury Settlement $7,000,000

    A Middlesex County man was severely injured and burned as a result of a collision with a truck. The truck driver had lost control of his vehicle and had come through a median barrier which had failed to redirect the truck away from oncoming traffic. Expert testimony established that the median barrier was defective and therefore failed to protect motorist from this type of accident.

  • Personal Injury Jury Verdict $6,000,000

    A female drunk driver crashed into plaintiff’s vehicle causing multiple fractures to the right ankle and foot. Plaintiff’s doctor testified that plaintiff would be under pain management protocol for the rest of his life due to this condition.

  • Tractor-Trailer Settlement $3,700,000

    A Morristown woman was injured when her vehicle was struck by a tractor-trailer that lost control on black ice on Interstate 287. The defendant's truck had jack-knifed as it was changing lanes in order to avoid an earlier accident. The accident resulted in our client suffering severe head injuries.

  • Product Liability Jury Verdict $3,500,000

    Worker injured by product defect on his commercial truck.

  • Personal Injury Verdict $3,200,000

    Levinson Axelrod, P.A. Partner Kim Gozsa recently obtained a $3.2 million dollar verdict on behalf of a client who was injured in a slip and fall accident at an outlet shopping plaza in Jackson, New Jersey. The substantial jury award stems from a case in which Kim’s client slipped and fell on ice on a sidewalk at the Jackson Premium Outlets, an outlet shopping center in Jackson Township, New Jersey.

  • Premises Liability Jury Verdict $3,000,000

    An Edison delivery man slipped on a wet floor while delivering a package. He broke his knee in the fall and suffered an injury to his spine, which in turn aggravated pre-existing conditions of incontinence and impotence which had been caused by previous injuries.

  • Premises Liability Jury Verdict $3,000,000

    Our client, a North Plainfield man, was injured when he slipped and fell on snowy steps while exiting his building. He suffered a lumbar disc injury, requiring surgery. The jury found his landlord 100% liable for the accident for failing to clear the steps to the building.

  • Wrongful Death Jury Verdict $3,000,000

    A worker developed asbestosis and lung cancer due to Asbestos exposure. Evidence at trial proved asbestos to be a defective product, which causes harm to workers who use it. Jury awarded the victim's widow damages for wrongful death.

  • Personal Injury Settlement $3,000,000

    A 31-year old iron worker was injured in a construction site accident when he was struck in the head by a cinder block. Despite the facts that he was wearing a hard hat at the time, the plaintiff still received a serious closed head injury resulting in both memory loss and total disability. The case was handled by both Richard Levinson and James Dunn and settled at the time of trial.

  • Inadequate Security Jury Verdict $2,700,000

    A mother of nine was shot and killed while working at a convenience store. Evidence at trial proved a lack of adequate security, including a panic button and outgoing phone line, had placed this worker at risk. Expert testimony also established that there was an increased risk of criminal activity in convenience stores which had inadequate surveillance equipment. The matter was upheld on Appeal, and settled prior to being reviewed by the New Jersey Supreme Court.

  • Third-Party Work Injury Settlement $2,650,000

    The plaintiff sustained a traumatic amputation of one leg, and a crush injury to the opposite foot, in a construction site accident. The claim was brought against the Department of Transportation, as it had a duty to monitor safety on the work site and its failure to do so contributed to the happening of this accident.

  • Premises Liability Settlement $2,500,000

    Our client was injured while delivering a 3,000 pound piece of equipment to defendant's premises. The defendant's employees were assisting our client in unloading the product when one of them prematurely activated the lift gate, causing the piece of equipment to fall and strike his legs. He suffered serious injuries to both legs, requiring multiple surgeries.

  • Motorcycle Collision Settlement $2,500,000

    A young man was seriously injured while riding his motorcycle to work when another driver made a left hand turn in front of him, leaving our client had no memory of the accident. He suffered a number of serious fractures and underwent multiple surgeries, leaving him with disabilities. The case settled on the second day of trial.

  • Auto Accident Settlement $2,500,000

    Levinson Axelrod Partner, Mark V. Kuminski represented a local Franklin Township woman who was involved in a three-car motor vehicle accident. The incident occurred when one of the drivers, later named as the defendant in the personal injury lawsuit filed by Mark and our firm, rear-ended a vehicle that had been stopped. Mark’s ability to express the full scope of damages incurred by our client, proved successful in compelling the jury to rule in our client’s favor.

  • Personal Injury Settlement $2,500,000

    Our client suffered a traumatic head injury after falling due to an unsecure railing.

  • Personal Injury Jury Verdict $2,250,000

    The plaintiff injured her ankle when she stepped into a cement cut out in a commercial sidewalk where a tree had been planted. The plaintiff had been walking on the sidewalk on her way to a down town holiday festival. Her attention had been distracted by a negligently placed chestnut grilling stand, thereby diverting her attention away from the cut out. The plaintiff brought claims against both the property owner and the operator of the chestnut stand.

  • Construction Accident Settlement $2,200,000

    The plaintiff sustained a herniated disc in his lower back, for which he was required to undergo a surgical fusion. When the surgery failed to improve his symptoms, the plaintiff underwent the implantation of a spinal cord stimulator.

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