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Result: Rich Marcolus Resolves Three Workers’ Compensation Cases

Rich M settlements

Levinson Axelrod, P.A. Partner Rich Marcolus recently resolved three separate workers’ compensation cases for clients who suffered injuries in the course of their employment, helping them secure thousands of dollars in compensation and essential benefits.

Rich’s recent cases are as follows:

$160,000 Settlement for Union Printer

Rich secured a six-figure workers’ compensation settlement for a Union printer who claimed to have suffered a neck injury which necessitated neck surgery due to her repetitive heavy lifting as a printer.

As court records show, the insurance company contended that the neck condition was the result of a degenerative disc disease and not the work she did for her employer. To prove otherwise, Rich consulted with a medical expert who was able to provide his opinion about the nature of the injury and citations of medical studies linking cervical/neck disease to heavy repetitive lifting.

With the medical expert’s testimony, Rich was able to secure a settlement that included $160,000 in compensation and the right to reopen the case within 2 years for any needed treatment and / or more compensation benefits.

Lifetime Benefits for Union Carpenter

In Rich’s second successfully resolved case, he represented a Union carpenter who claimed that he was totally and permanently disabled because of a neck surgery. The insurance company denied the claim after its investigation revealed that the claimant was working/driving for Uber.

Given the insurance company’s claim denial, the case went to trial, where the claimant testified as to his limitations and his ability to drive for Uber. And despite the defense presenting video of the claimant working for Uber as a driver, Rich was able to prove that the work his client was doing was sheltered employment that did not disqualify him from being awarded total permanent disability.

Thanks to Rich’s efforts, the Judge found the worker to be totally and permanently disabled and awarded him $868 per week for life plus lifetime medical coverage.

$155,000 Settlement for Laborer with Knee Injury from Fall at Work

In Rich’s third case, he represented a laborer who claimed that he fell at work, injured his knee, and needed a total knee replacement.

While the insurance company paid for one knee surgery, it subsequently refused to pay for the total knee replacement, claiming that the need for a knee replacement was from pre-existing arthritis and not from the work accident.

Despite the insurance company’s resistance, Rich was able to negotiate a settlement on the date of the trial for $155,000 in compensation. In addition, the carrier paid for the costs of the knee replacement.

Rich Marcolus is a Partner at Levinson Axelrod, P.A. He is a New Jersey Supreme Court Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist and current union member (NRCC Carpenters Local #253 Union) who once earned his living as a carpenter in construction. Rich has leveraged his wealth of experience and insight to help workers across the state secure millions of dollars in compensation and needed benefits.