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Result: Todd Wachtel Wins Motion for Worker’s Tinnitus, Hearing Loss Treatment

Todd Wachtel

Todd Wachtel, a Levinson Axelrod, P.A. Partner in our Raritan office, recently won a motion to compel an insurance company to provide treatment for an injured worker who suffered from tinnitus and hearing loss connected to incidents that arose during his employment.

Court records show that there were two claims filed:

  • The first claim alleged that Todd’s client suffered significant and permanent injuries following a specific incident at work where he was exposed to an incredibly loud machine without hearing protection.
  • The second claim alleged that the injuries suffered by Todd’s client may have also resulted from his work with high volume machines and his many years as a laborer for the municipality.

Both claims were denied by the worker’s employer and its workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Despite Todd filing a Motion for Motion for Medical and Temporary Benefits and taking the testimony of his client and a Board-Certified Doctor who testified in support of the worker’s injuries, the insurer continued to deny the claims. Finally, on the last day of Trial, the insurance company’s doctor conceded on the record that there was reasonable, necessary, and related treatment that might help the worker.

Thanks to Todd’s persistence in pursuing a positive outcome, his client will receive needed treatment for his injuries, including tinnitus masking equipment and possibly hearing aids, that may make him more comfortable.

Todd D. Wachtel is a Partner at Levinson Axelrod, P.A. who works primarily from our Raritan office. A New Jersey Supreme Court Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist and former Deputy Attorney General for New Jersey, Todd has recovered millions in verdicts and settlements for injured workers and their families. Todd is also active in the legal community, and was recently elected to the State Bar Workers’ Compensation Executive Committee, where he works with other Committee members to evaluate proposed legislation and other matters that impact the New Jersey workers’ compensation system.