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OSHA Releases Top 10 Violations of 2022

Pile of documents with Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA.

Last Month, OSHA released preliminary data for the top 10 most-cited standards in the 2022 fiscal year. The data includes violations cited by the agency between Oct. 1, 2021, and Sept. 6, 2022.

As a firm that’s represented claimants in workers’ compensation cases and workplace accidents against 3rd parties across New Jersey since 1939, our team at Levinson Axelrod, P.A. has seen how many types of different workplace hazards can cause or contribute to workplace injuries. We’ve also seen several the same hazards that continually rank among the most common and most dangerous work site hazards. Part of the goal of representing our clients is to improve the safety of the workplace by holding those accountable for the injuries for the damages done.

Released at this year’s National Safety Counsel Safety Congress & Expo, OSHA’s preliminary 2022 data proves just that. These most-cited violations include many of the same issues responsible for the bulk of workplace injuries and deaths in the U.S., including Fall Protection violations, which came in at the top spot for the 12th consecutive year.

OSHA’s 10 Most Cited Standards for FY 2022:

  1. Fall Protection – General Requirements.
  2. Hazard Communication.
  3. Respiratory Protection
  4. Ladders
  5. Scaffolding
  6. Lockout/Tagout
  7. Powered Industrial Trucks
  8. Fall Protection – Training Requirements
  9. Personal Protective and Lifesaving Equipment – Eye and Face Protection
  10. Machine Guarding

Here’s some more info about this year’s Top 20 most cited OSHA standards:

  • OSHA’s Fall Protection standard was far and above the most cited standard, with 5,260 violations in FY 2022 – more than twice the number of violations than for the next leading hazard. Falls remain a leading cause of workplace injury and death in the U.S., particularly in construction, where it also holds the top spot on OSHA’s Fatal Four list. This standard is designed to prevent falls by requiring employers to supply guardrails, personal fall arrest systems, and fall protection to workers who perform duties from heights. Other violations of fall-related standards – including OSHA’s Ladder and Scaffolding Standards and Fall Protection Training Requirements – also made the list.
  • OSHA’s Hazard Communication standard, the second most cited standard this year, addresses chemical hazards produced or used in the workplace. It requires employers to implement hazardous chemical safety programs, train workers on hazardous materials, and develop and maintain Safety Data Sheets.
  • OSHA’s Lockout/Tagout standard applies to workers who service, repair, and maintain equipment or machines. The most cited sections of the standard include violations related to general procedures, energy control programs, periodic inspections, and training.
  • OSHA’s Machine Guarding standard addresses hazards created by machines with moving parts, including hazardous motions such as rotating, cutting, shearing, bending, and reciprocating. It requires employers to take steps that address machine-related injury risks involving the point of operation, power transmission device, and operating controls.

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