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Workers' Compensation Result: Attorney Todd Wachtel Secures $216K, Retains Client's Right for Future Benefits

Levinson Axelrod recovers $216,000 for injured worker

Partner Todd D. WachtelNew Jersey Attorney Todd D. Wachtel, a Partner with Levinson Axelrod, P.A. who works out of our Hillsborough Office, recently obtained with the Court’s approval a workers’ compensation award of $216,720. The recovery stems from a workplace injury case involving Todd’s client, a machinist who suffered an injury to his left shoulder while performing job-related duties.

In the state of New Jersey, employers are required by law have workers’ compensation insurance, a form of no-fault coverage which entitles workers injured on the job with medical treatment, temporary disability, and permanency benefits, including wage supplementation. The benefits an injured worker receives are determined by evaluating the nature and extent of any permanent injury through medical experts.

Todd’s efforts and experience handling workers’ comp cases enabled him to acquire an overall award of 60% partial total disability for his client. The percentage disability, along with the client’s wages and the statutory guidelines for the level of disability, amounted to $216,720.

As equally important as the monetary award, Todd was able to ensure the injured worker will maintain the right to re-open his claim for any additional related medical treatment he may require, and to return to court should his injuries become significantly worse.

Todd was able to resolve our client’s claim in less than a year, as the client had been released from treatment for his last surgery in April of 2018. That’s not a typical timeline given the fact that the Court system responsible for workers’ compensation cases must process thousands of claims filed by injured workers throughout the state. The client, despite his limitations, has since been able to find work with another employer that is able to accommodate his injuries, which is why Todd was able to acquire an award of “permanent partial” disability.

Proven Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Serving New Jersey

Workers’ compensation can provide much-needed benefits for workers and families who need to treat their injuries and make ends meet after work-related accidents. However, the system for recovering benefits, and recovering awards that truly reflect a worker’s unique circumstances and needs, can be foreign and filled with complexities – even for lawyers who don’t have experience in this field. Resolving a claim can also be a slow and cumbersome process.

For these reasons, it becomes critical to work with proven attorneys like Partner Todd Wachtel. A Certified Workers’ Compensation Attorney by the New Jersey Supreme Court, Todd has devoted his practice to advocating for injured workers and their families. He and our team of talented and top-rated attorneys proudly serve clients throughout New Jersey in a range of personal injury and workers’ compensation cases, including those involving fatal workplace accidents, occupational diseases, and pre-existing injuries.

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