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Jurors Surveyed Find Advantages to Technology in the Courtroom


At Levinson Axelrod, P.A., our New Jersey personal injury lawyers are committed to providing the highest quality representation to victims and families who depend on successful outcomes in their personal injury cases in order to cover their damages and future needs. While this may mean investigating accidents to determine fault and liability and negotiating fair settlements with insurance companies, it can also sometimes mean taking a case to trial when profit-driven insurance companies don’t want to pay victims what they rightfully deserve.

Because trials are high stakes proceedings, preparation becomes key to success. Our trial lawyers know that, and take every measure possible to strengthen our clients’ cases. This includes not only leveraging our decades of collective experience, but also harnessing the power of trial technology in the courtroom in certain cases where it can benefit our clients.

While trials may have once played out like courtroom dramas filled with monologues and long speeches from either plaintiffs’ or defense attorneys, they have evolved today largely due to societal changes. More people are accustomed to seeing and using technology in their daily lives, and perhaps have come to rely on such technology to more easily grasp concepts they may not have otherwise been able to understand or keep organized. These same people are the very people who comprise our juries when cases go to trial.

Trial technology isn’t just anecdotally more beneficial; a number of studies and research have confirmed that juries respond positively when it is used by lawyers in litigation. In fact, jury members from rural Arkansas were surveyed in one study following trial on just how beneficial technology in the courtroom was for them. They resoundingly and unanimously agreed that technology isn’t just a slick trick used by trial lawyers, but rather an aid to their understanding of the key issues in a case, as well as something that’s expected in the modern world. That includes everything from organized visual presentations, reconstructions, and educational aids to video depositions, captioning, and more.

In an era when technology has become a part of our daily lives, its use in trial resonates with jury members and helps them more easily understand and digest the facts of a case. It can also prove invaluable in helping juries make sense of complex legal or medical issues they may not have fully grasped if that information had been given to them verbally by allowing them to better retain concepts because they saw, heard, read, and sometimes interacted with.

Because juries are the ultimate decision-makers in the civil justice system, using any available means to ensure they see and understand our clients’ stories clearly is always a benefit to our clients. That’s why we not only harness the power of technological aids in the courtroom, but also when building our clients’ cases out of the courtroom. Because every case is different, our attorneys closely evaluate when using technology in trial is best for the juries and other parties involved, and when it is most appropriate based on the unique facts and circumstances involved. While we don’t use advanced technology in every trial, we always work to build the strongest possible cases.

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