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Levinson Axelrod, P.A. Secures $935,000 Verdict for Slip and Fall Victim


SlipWe are proud to announce that Partner Brett Greiner along with associate Brian McElroy obtained a substantial verdict on behalf of our client of over $935,000. A Carteret woman received a verdict of $800,000 for injuries suffered as a result of slipping and falling on water at the Woodbridge Center Mall.

She had two arthroscopic surgeries that were unsuccessful in repairing a torn rotator cuff and has been left with pain and limited use of her shoulder. She also underwent pain management treatment receiving 6 injections in her hip and back to address symptoms that started after her fall.

The Mall defended the case claiming they acted reasonably under the circumstances. They also claimed that diagnostic tests showed that the rotator cuff tear was a chronic, longstanding condition and that the treatment for her hip and back were not related to her accident since she had a prior history of back complaints and the medical records did not report any complaints to these areas for a full four months after the fall at the mall.

The jury also awarded the woman’s husband $50,000 for loss of consortium and the Court added approximately $85,000 in medical bills to the total award.

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