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Legislators Present Bill to Reform Staffing Standards in New Jersey Nursing Homes


New Jersey nursing homes currently are allowed to use their own discretion on how many nursing aides they hire and staff in their facilities. However, a new bill proposed by New Jersey legislators looks to set standards for how many nursing aides an elderly facility must hire. The bill passed the senate in December, but still has to pass the House vote.

The bill is in response to nursing homes not having enough employees to properly take care of the residents. The AARP conducted a recent national survey that listed New Jersey second to last for preventing nursing home bedsores. As the elderly age, their mental and physical health becomes more fragile. They need more care and attention, which aides cannot give if there are not enough employees.

The new bill proposes:

  • One certified nursing assistant per 16 residents during the overnight shift
  • One certified nursing assistant per 10 residents during the night shift
  • One certified nursing assistant per 8 residents during the dayshift

Supporters of the bill assert that nursing homes need regulations about how many people they staff. Geraldine Ballentine, a nurse’s aide for over 30 years, exclaims,

We have patients who don’t sleep at all. You are with someone and then you have to leave to help somebody else, and by the time you get there, somebody might be lying on the floor. You don’t have time for any extras — to just sit with someone who wants someone with them.

Those opposing the bill argue that the new rules will place stringent limits on nursing homes. Lobbyist say that each elderly care facility is different and has different needs.

The House still has to pass their judgement on the bill. However, at Levinson Axelrod, we believe that every senior deserves respect and appropriate care. If your loved one was abused or neglected in their nursing home, we may be able to help. Contact us today for a free consultation where we review your case. We can help you seek the compensation your family deserves.

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