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New FAA Drone Regulations Could Increase Risk of Injury


Drones, or unmanned aircraft, are rapidly growing in popularity, and new regulations by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will only serve to increase that growth.

The FAA expects to release their first set of rules that will allow businesses to fly drones up to 50 pounds at low altitudes. These initial regulations only permit operators to fly these aircraft within their line of sight and in the daytime.

While many businesses and experts believe that these regulations are too limiting, permitting 50 pound unmanned aircraft to fly at low altitudes could create dangerous situations for anyone on the ground. Many drones can reach speeds over 50 miles per hour, and the technology is only improving. Even FAA officials have acknowledged that they are simply attempting to catch up to an industry that has the ability to produce a brand new model of drone every few months.

These FAA regulations are intended to create and enforce safe rules regarding the operation of unmanned aircraft, but given that this technology is so new, how can we be certain that even these so called “strict” guidelines will prevent potential injuries? All it takes is one careless operator to cause a potentially catastrophic injury, irreparably changing someone’s life, if not ending it.

Experts believe that this is only the first set of regulations that will come out, given the rate that many businesses hope to expand. Inc. is particularly invested in pushing through looser regulations in order to set up and implement their proposed Prime Air service, which would allow home delivery of packages by way of drones.

These initial regulations are expected to come out this week, but given how fast the entire drone industry is expanding, it’s not hard to imagine looser regulations being implemented in the very near future. The FAA already receives up to 4,000 registration applications for small drones every day, and that number is only expected to increase the more that people and businesses are allowed to operate unmanned aircraft. Drone manufacturers are already looking into designing and producing drones that will be able to fly outside an operator’s life of sight and at night.

Rapidly advancing technologies and changing regulations come with their own set of complications, even dangerous ones. Irresponsible use of drones can lead to injuries, and it’s important to seek out legal help from a firm that keeps up with and stays on top of any technological advancement. We even use the most advanced technology to help our clients’ cases. Our New Jersey personal injury attorneys at Levinson Axelrod, P.A. have been fighting on behalf of injured clients for over 75 years. With the experience and skills necessary to create a strong case in court, we’re prepared to fight for you and your rights. Contact us today for a free case evaluation, or give us a call at (732) 440-3089.

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