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Attorney Todd Wachtel Featured in New Lexis/Nexis Publication


Todd Wachtel, Esq., a partner in our Hillsborough office, has been featured as a contributor to a new law book. The book is entitled the “LexisNexis Practice Guide New Jersey Workers' Compensation,” and is different than any other publication ever created for practicing New Jersey Worker’s Compensation attorneys. Rather than a cold recitation of the current state of the law, the practice guide seeks to provide practitioners with the “nuts and bolts” of how to move a case through the complicated Court system. In fact, many aspects of the New Jersey Worker’s Compensation system operate on esoteric traditions rather than what is written in the case law and statutes, right down to what color pen the attorneys should use when filling out a Court Order.

Todd was asked to write a chapter on the “Second Injury Fund” and the “Uninsured Employers Fund”, two highly complex subjects dealing with the most serious types of cases. The Second Injury Fund deals with situations when an injury suffered at work causes an employee to be 100% disabled as a result of their last accident plus any preexisting disability. The worker may ultimately receive benefits that overlap, and intertwine with, Social Security Disability, Medicare, and a disability pension. The Uninsured Employers Fund is another State fund which involves the unfortunate situation that occurs when someone is injured at work, but their employer fails to have Worker’s Compensation insurance.

“I am really excited to contribute to this book.” said Todd, “There is nothing like it to help attorneys and Judges walk through some difficult issues. We tried to keep it as readable as we possibly could for a law book, which are typically pretty dry. I had never been part of a process like this, and it certainly was a challenge to get it all together. In the end, I am very proud of what we came up with and glad to know that the book will be helping out other attorneys in the future.”

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