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Icy Roads Lead to Many Crashes in New Jersey

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Meteorologists predict that New Jersey will experience cold winter storms. The freezing temperatures and snow are already settling throughout the state. This is cause for concern for all of the commuters. The roads are even more dangerous than they were before. It is the responsibility of the drivers to maneuver carefully over the icy streets.

Unfortunately, there have been many crashes already, due to the storm. This past Sunday, at 7:30 p.m. there was a car accident causing a chain reaction between 20 cars. The pile up took place at Tonnelle Circle. According to police records, no one was injured, although 10 cars did need to be towed.

Not two hours later, another three-car accident took place at Bayonne Bridge. One of the drivers lost control of their car and crashed into two other vehicles. One person was reported to be injured.

The common cause among all of these crashes is believe to be black ice. Officers caution citizens to not become over-confident in their driving abilities. Spokesperson for the Department of Transportation, Steve Shapiro, comments,

We haven't had that much winter weather, and when there isn't a forecast of heavy snow people are confident there are going to be normal conditions.

Drivers are cautioned to drive slowly or avoid the streets all together. That is because things like black ice can be difficult to detect. Black ice forms when water freezes upon impact. Unlike snow, the ice does not offer drivers wheel traction, thus causing loss of control.

Tips for driving on black ice include:

  • Don’t slam on your brakes
  • Take foot off of accelerator
  • Don’t try to over-correct your steering

At Levinson Axelrod, Attorneys at Law, we want everyone to be safe this winter. However, we know that no matter the caution you observe, if others do not display the same care, accidents are bound to occur. If drivers are careless or negligent, they can cause catastrophic accidents, especially during current climates. If you have been injured in a car accident because of the fault of someone else, contact our New Jersey auto accident attorneys today! We will help you seek the compensation you deserve.

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