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Levinson Axelrod Makes a Difference in Protecting an Injured Workers Credit


When a person is injured while working on the job, generally their only remedy is to file a workers’ compensation claim because in New Jersey you cannot sue your employer. Filing a workers’ compensation claim protects an employee in many ways. One of the issues commonly dealt with is getting outstanding medical bills paid before they go into collection. The following scenario occurs often after a workplace injury. An employee is injured at work, goes to the emergency room for evaluation, and several weeks later a bill arrives in the mail. The injured worker understandably becomes concerned about who will pay for the bill and how to ensure that the bill is paid for before it adversely affects their credit. This becomes particularly stressful for the injured worker that is not in a financial position to pay for the bill and seek reimbursement later.

However, when a compensable claim for workers’ compensation benefits is filed, the employer has the right and obligation to provide medical treatment. At Levinson Axelrod, we make a difference for our clients by working diligently to ensure that the injured worker receives necessary medically treatment and that any related medical expenses do not become the responsibility of the injured worker. Many times it is necessary to file the appropriate motion to ensure timely treatment and payment of outstanding medical bills. Accordingly, the injured workers’ credit will not be adversely affected by unpaid medical expenses.

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