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Adam Rothenberg Presents at Civil Justice for Victims of Crime in New Jersey

Attorney Adam Rothenberg

Attorney Adam Rothenberg Partner Adam Rothenberg of Levinson Axelrod was an invited speaker and sponsor of a seminar on tort liability for crime victims involving security cases, Tort Claims Act, sexual abuse and liability of third parties for criminal acts of others presented at St. Peter’s University on behalf of the National Center for Crime Victims.

Attorney Adam Rothenberg, partner at Levinson Axelrod, recently presented at “Civil Justice for Victims of Crime in New Jersey,” a series of seminars held by The National Crime Victim Bar Association. Specifically, he addressed topics such as tort liability for security cases, Tort Claims Act, punitive damages law, and liability of third parties for criminal acts of others.

Adam was selected as one of the presenters for the North Jersey seminar, held on Tuesday December 1 at St. Peter’s University in Jersey City. Each of the speakers presented helpful information pertaining specifically to New Jersey law. Registration for the event was free and open to anyone, and those in attendance included victim advocates, mental health providers, prosecutors, crime victims, and more.

All victims of criminal activity have the right to file a civil lawsuit seeking damages from the wrongdoer and other liable parties whose negligence may have allowed the crime to occur. Attorney Adam Rothenberg and the rest of the attorneys at Levinson Axelrod want victims of crime to understand this important right and know that they can turn to the firm for legal representation.

You can also contact Levinson Axelrod directly at (732) 440-3089 or online.

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