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Adam Rothenberg's Recent Settlement of $2,650,000 is Reported in the New Jersey Law Journal

As reported by the New Jersey Law Journal in its August 7, 2015 edition, Adam Rothenberg, Esq. recently settled a case for $2,650,000 in the matter of Harvey v. New Jersey Department of Transportation. In this case, Adam represented Christopher Harvey who was working with a company to replace reflective pavement markers in Edison. While working, Mr. Harvey was struck by another vehicle that had been left in neutral without the emergency brake engaged. This resulted in the amputation of his left leg and crushing injuries to his right foot. He endured nine-surgical procedures, has never returned to work, and is on medication to control his pain. Adam sued the Department of Transportation, who was responsible for the project, alleging that they failed to properly supervise the project and the placement of the markers. On the eve of trial, Adam settled this matter at a conference with a Superior Court Judge Jessica Mayer.
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