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Jersey Shore Bar Agrees To $500,000 Fine And Suspension


Martell’s Tiki Bar, one of the largest Jersey Shore beachfront bars, has agreed to a 30-day license suspension and $500,000 in fines for serving alcohol to an intoxicated patron who later caused a crash that killed her and severely injured another woman. The license suspension will not take place until after the summer, according to a consent order signed by the state and the bar’s attorneys.

This accident occurred on August 16, 2013, when Ashley Chieco, 26, was served vodka drinks for several hours by Martell’s. Ms. Chieco walked out of the bar intoxicated and drove off in a car that did not belong to her. The stolen vehicle had been parked in a lot owned by Martell’s, and the keys were left in the car at the request of the parking attendants. Chieco drove the wrong way on Route 18, colliding with a car driven by another woman. Chieco died in the accident, and the other women has had several surgeries and never returned to work.

A civil suit is pending against the bar on behalf of the injured woman. Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman issued a statement urging establishments to responsibly serve alcohol.

“There can be deadly consequences when alcohol and driving are mixed, so it’s vitally important that establishments that serve alcohol, do so responsibly, Hoffman said. It is unlawful in this state to serve alcohol to a person who is actually or apparently intoxicated and the repercussions of not abiding by the law have been brought to bear in this tragic case.”

Liquor liability cases involving intoxicated persons are complicated. Making a claim against a bar for violations of the Liquor Liability Statute requires experienced attorneys. We have those. If you need help, please call us today.

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