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crashed 18 wheeler Commercial trucks, including 18-wheelers, are a vital part of modern American life because they deliver goods to suppliers and other businesses all across the country. Unfortunately, these trucks can also be extremely dangerous when they are involved in accidents on the roadways. Because of their size and weight, motor vehicle accidents that involve 18-wheelers can be especially destructive and dangerous for every individual involved.

The drivers of large semi-trucks or tractors trailers have an added responsibility to not only deliver their freight on time, but also to operate their vehicle in a manner that is safe for other drivers around them. If a truck driver neglects this responsibility and causes an accident, the driver and the driver's company may be responsible for your injuries. At Levinson Axelrod, our experienced truck accident lawyers have the knowledge and drive needed to help you recover from a trucking accident in New Jersey.

Common Injuries From Truck Collisions

Immediately following a truck accident, seek medical attention. A physician can diagnose your injuries and will prescribe a course of treatment and rehabilitative services, if necessary. The costs associated with hospital bills, lost wages from time away from work, and physical therapy can become astronomical, but with the help of a knowledgeable New Jersey personal injury attorney, you may be able to recover these costs. 

Some of the most common injuries associated with trucking accidents include:

Make sure the person who caused your accident is held responsible for the bills you incur during your recovery. At Levinson Axelrod, our goal is to win you the maximum amount of compensation available for your case. We understand your fear and frustration, and we are here to help.

Truck Accident Facts

Tractor trailer, commercial truck, and bus accidents occur as a result of many factors. When an accident does happen, the sheer weight of these big rigs can cause the driver to lose control of their vehicle and tip over, causing an immense amount of damage and harm to the driver as well as those vehicles nearby.

The majority of trucking accidents are caused by one or more of the following factors: 

It is vital that drivers have experience with the rig that they are traveling in, and specialized training courses are required in order for them to be licensed to drive. However, simply passing a test does not ensure that a driver will always be cautious and operate their vehicle in the most responsible manner. Trucking companies have a responsibility to hire only those drivers who are competent and safe on the road. 

Truck drivers may be tempted to overextend the time between truck maintenance visits, and although roadside checks can be implemented at random, they are very quick and cannot possibly cover every aspect of a full maintenance visit. Unfortunately, cutting corners while driving a vehicle as big as a semi truck can lead to devastating consequences. 

Contact Our New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyers

At the law offices of Levinson Axelrod, we understand the emotional and financial toll that an accident can have on both you and your family. We strive to help victims throughout the Garden state recover after an injury and put their lives back together. 

Our team of attorneys have more than 70 years of collective experience handling nothing other than personal injury lawsuits and we are uniquely qualified to not only handle your case, but to also assist you through what might otherwise be an extremely frightening and frustrating endeavor.

If you or your family has been injured by the negligence of a truck driver in New Jersey, our truck accident attorneys are here to help. Call (800) 346-5529 or use our case evaluation form to have your claim reviewed for free by a knowledgeable personal injury attorney. 

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