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  • Why We See Clients Nights and Weekends

    At Levinson Axelrod we have a tradition of being available for our clients at their convenience. My father founded the firm in 1939 when WWII was right around the corner. Many of the working people that he represented in the 1940’s had no set hours and needed a lawyer nights and 7 days a week. He was there for them. The firm started in a small converted house in Perth Amboy, New Jersey and was a ...
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  • How to Report a Work Accident in New Jersey

    When an employee is injured at work, it is important that they file a report or tell a supervisor immediately. Depending on the incident and the extent of damage, the person might be eligible for compensation. New Jersey requires that all employers not covered by a federal program have workers’ compensation insurance to protect their employees. In return, injured employees cannot sue their ...
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  • Black Ice Slip and Falls: Are Property Owners Responsible?

    With the heavy storms settling into New Jersey, it is hard to avoid the snow and ice. Black ice in particular is the cause of multiple accidents and injuries that have occurred this winter. This is the phenomenon of clear ice freezing on the roads and pavement, reflecting the dark color. It can be difficult to spot, leading to many accidents. Falls can lead to sprained ankles, broken bones, and ...
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  • What You Need to Know About Black Ice

    Biting cold laces the air, snow falls blanketing the state in white powder, and the roads glisten with freezing ice. It can only mean one thing. It is winter in New Jersey. With the constant flurry of snow and wind chills coming in, it can be difficult to commute and navigate in the state. Driving in particular seems almost impossible. Black ice is one of the primary causes. Ice on the road makes ...
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  • $1.2 Million Injury Settlement for Ocean County Man

    The New Jersey personal injury lawyers at Levinson Axelrod, P.A. recently won a $1.2 million settlement on behalf of an Ocean County man who was injured when rear-ended by a dump truck. While stopped in traffic, our client, an Ocean County man, was injured as a result of being rear ended by a dump truck. The plaintiff was receiving treatment for a prior neck problem at the time of the collision, ...
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  • Board Certified Attorneys Striving to Help You

    If you are involved in a catastrophic accident, it can be hard to think straight. The impact can leave you disoriented and you may not know where to turn. The incident is made worse if it could have been avoided. When an individual is negligent, they should be held accountable, especially if it caused you pain and injuries. The best way to ensure your claim is heard is to seek experienced legal ...
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  • Icy Roads Lead to Many Crashes in New Jersey

    Meteorologists predict that New Jersey will experience cold winter storms. The freezing temperatures and snow are already settling throughout the state. This is cause for concern for all of the commuters. The roads are even more dangerous than they were before. It is the responsibility of the drivers to maneuver carefully over the icy streets. Unfortunately, there have been many crashes already, ...
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  • New Jersey Drivers May Be Breaking the Law After Winter Storm

    New Jersey residents are up this Monday morning still reeling from a huge winter storm that pushed the limits of snowfall records. While everyone goes out to their vehicles to get ready for their commute, they should be aware of the law. If they don’t clean the snow off of their vehicles correctly, drivers may face a $75 fine and state troopers are on the lookout. Because of the many dangers that ...
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  • Adam Rothenberg Spearheads The Art of Direct Examination Seminar

    Attorney Adam Rothenberg of Levinson Axelrod, P.A. will be serving as the co-chair and moderator at The Art of Direct Examination, a seminar he spearheaded. Adam Rothenberg saw a need for greater education on the topic of direct examination. Out of this idea, The Art of Direct Examination Seminar was born. The seminar will take place Saturday, February 6 at The Heldrich in New Brunswick. Adam will ...
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  • U.S. Government Warns of Hoverboard Dangers

    With the growing popularity of hoverboards, there have been various events that have occurred. These self-balancing devices have now received warning from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission due to the possibility of explosions. The CSPC has already investigated a series of explosions and fires associated with the lithium-ion batteries. The investigations conducted by the CSPC is also ...
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  • Top 6 Causes of Construction Accident in New Jersey

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration estimates that nearly 6.5 million individuals work at an average of 252,000 construction sites across the nation. Given the large workforce that constructs buildings and structures, safety should be a key issue. Unfortunately, injuries and death do happen and all too often. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , there is an average of 908 ...
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  • Stay Alert While Driving: It's a Life or Death Issue

    According to New Jersey Police, driver inattention is the number one cause of fatal collisions, surpassing both speeding and intoxication. Staying alert could mean the difference between life and death for New Jersey drivers, says state police. According to fatal crash data from 2014, driver inattention was the number one cause of accidents resulting in fatalities. Drunk driving often gets most of ...
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  • This New Year, Resolve to Seek the Compensation You Deserve

    The New Year symbolizes the start of new beginnings, of hope, and of potential possibilities. As people sing out the last chords of Auld Lang Syne, they turn their attention towards make resolutions that will better their physical and mental health. They make plans to explore new territories and go on new adventures. The New Year is usually the start of amazing things. Unfortunately, that feeling ...
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  • Washington Post Article Shows Companies Making Millions of Dollars Off the Injured

    An investigation by the Washington Post shows an alleged flaw in the system that allows companies to make millions of dollars off of injured individuals. The story begins with Terrence Taylor, who had suffered burns and disfigurement as a young boy due to a defective electric heater. A settlement with the liable company in 1989 would pay him $31.5 million over his lifetime. In 2014, Taylor was ...
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  • Levinson Axelrod Supports Middlesex County Youth Shelter for the Holidays

    Thanksgiving serves as a time to pause and reflect on all the blessings in our lives. Unfortunately, not everyone is as fortunate as others are. The holidays always remind us to reach out to those less fortunate. That is why Levinson Axelrod, P.A. was honored and humbled to help the Middlesex County Youth Shelter. Our firm worked with the shelter to help provide warm meals and food for the ...
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