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What to Do When You’re Injured on an Amusement Park or Carnival Ride – Notice Requirements!

Summer is a time for having fun at amusement parks, carnivals, and local fairs. Although these places are often a source of fun and enjoyment, people do occasionally suffer injuries while on amusement rides. If you are injured...Read More

$30,000 Workers’ Compensation Settlement for a Sprain and Strain Injury

Todd Wachtel, Esq., a partner in our Hillsborough office, recently settled a case for approximately $30,000.00, for an injured waitress who suffered a severe sprain and strain in her low back following a fall at a local diner....Read More

Levinson Axelrod at the 2nd Annual Gala for Kids' Chance of New Jersey

On July 17, 2014, Partner Todd Wachtel, Esq. and his wife, Wendy, attended the 2nd Annual Gala for Kids' Chance of New Jersey. The organization was created to provide scholarships for college and vocational education...Read More

$225,000 for Injuries Sustained in a Motor Vehicle Accident

Partner Brett Greiner, Esq., a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, successfully resolved a case for $225,000 involving a client who was in a car accident. The woman was rear-ended by another vehicle and suffered injuries to...Read More

$246,000 Settlement for Injuries Sustained in a Motor Vehicle Accident

Associate Michael Fusco, Esq. , recently resolved a case for $246,000 for a woman who was sideswiped by another vehicle. The woman sustained injuries to both shoulders and knees, requiring surgery. ...Read More

$245,000 for a Fractured Ankle Resulting from a Slip and Fall

Partner David Wheaton, Esq., a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, recently resolved a case for $245,000 for a Monmouth County man who had a slip and fall at local strip mall while returning to his car. A contractor had piled ...Read More

$100,000 Settlement for Injuries Resulting from a Motor Vehicle Accident

Associate Patrick Flinn, Esq., recently resolved a case on behalf of a young woman involved in a motor vehicle accident . The client suffered an injured her shoulder, neck, and back when another driver sideswiped her vehicle...Read More

$100,000 Settlement for a Car Accident Involving a Underinsured / Uninsured Motorist

Partner Brett Greiner, Esq., a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, successfully resolved a case for $100,000 involving a client who was in a car accident. The client, a 45-year-old woman, vehicle was struck when another vehicle...Read More

$240,000 Settlement for a Driver that was Rear-ended

Partner Brett Greiner, Esq., a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, successfully resolved a case for $240,000 involving a client who was in a car accident. The client, a woman in her early thirties, was rear-ended while waiting...Read More

Portee Claims and the Right of Bystanders to Recover Damages after Traumatic Injury

One of the most emotionally painful consequences of a car accident or other sudden injury is the psychological harm done to family members who see their loved ones get hurt. In many states, this type of emotional injury to bystanders...Read More

Todd Wachtel Asked to Speak to New Jersey Boys State About the Practice of Law

Todd Wachtel, Esq., a partner from our Hillsborough Office, was asked to speak at a seminar at American Legion Boys State about the practice of law. This program, which is run by the American Legion, provides civics...Read More

Think Your Desk Job Is Safe? Think Again--Sitting Greatly Endangers Your Health

When most people hear the phrase “workers’ compensation,” they picture injuries caused by active, dangerous work. While it is true that the bulk of workers’ compensation claims come from those with jobs...Read More

Semi-Truck Collision Caused by Driver Eating Sandwich

Another tractor-trailer accident has injured a Somerset woman along Route 1 in South Brunswick. This time, accident investigators say that the driver of the truck was distracted by his sandwich. Willard May, of New Castle,...Read More

General Motors Announces New Recall of 3.16 Million Vehicles

General Motors announced yesterday that it is recalling an additional 3.16 million vehicles, bringing the total number of recalled vehicles to approximately 20 million cars in North America this year alone. GM announced...Read More

Filing A Workers' Compensation Claim? Avoid These Common Pitfalls

Many legitimate workers’ compensation claims get denied, even though the injured worker clearly deserves compensation. Like all types of insurance, the companies who provide workers’ compensation do not make money...Read More

Another Truck Crash Kills One, Injures Others on New Jersey Turnpike

Two days after a fatal accident injuring actor Tracy Morgan made headlines, another tractor-trailer crash along the New Jersey Turnpike has killed one and injured several others. Monday’s crash involved a semi-truck...Read More

Truck Accident on New Jersey Turnpike Kills One, Injures Several Others Including Actor Tracy Morgan

One person was killed and four other were injured, including actor and comedian Tracy Morgan, after a pile-up crash on the New Jersey Turnpike on Saturday. According to investigators, the driver of a semi-truck failed to...Read More

New Workers' Comp Page Answers FAQs for those Injured on the Job

Todd Wachtel, a Certified Workers’ Compensation Attorney, has compiled a list of Levinson Axelrod's thirteen most frequently asked questions about workers’ compensation claims. This resource should ...Read More

Navigating the Treacherous Waters of Workers' Compensation Claims

I finally got around to watching Pirates of the Caribbean last night. I was absolutely amazed about how many similarities there are between a “jolly pirate’s life” and that of the practice of Workers’...Read More

Not Just for Fun--Golf Carts Can Cause Serious Injury

Four teens in Michigan made nationwide news last month after an accident in a golf cart left one of them critically injured. A golfer in Reading, Pennsylvania was hospitalized after being hit by a golf cart last week. On Sunday,...Read More

$200,000 Settlement for Fractured Ankle

Ron Grayzel, Esq., a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, recently settled a case on behalf of a client for $200,000 prior to trial. Our client was accompanying her husband who was operating a tractor/trailer in the course of his...Read More

$625,000 Settlement after Motor Vehicle Accident

Mark Kuminski, a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, recently resolved a case involving a motor vehicle accident for $625,000.  Our client was the driver of a dump truck which was cut off by an unidentified motorist....Read More

$150,000 Settlement for Injuries During Volleyball Game

Partner Brett Greiner, Esq., a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, recently resolved a claim for a client who injured his knee. While playing in a pick up volleyball game sponsored by his condominium association, a man injured...Read More

$294,000 for Slip & Fall on Icy Roof

Settlement of $294,000 plus wavier of most of workers' compensation for roofer injured on construction project. Ronald Grayzel represented a roofer injured on a project after slipping and falling on an icy roof. Lawsuit...Read More

$140,000 for Motor Vehicle Accident

Michael Fusco, Esq. , an attorney from our Edison office , recently resolved a case for a woman who suffered multiple injuries when her car was side-swiped by a truck while merging onto the George Washington Bridge. These ...Read More

General Motors Gave Shocking Presentation to Employees

  As part of its settlement with the Transportation Department, GM entered into a consent order with the federal government, agreeing to pay $35 million in fines. This consent order had several exhibits, some...Read More

$190,000 Settlement Reached for Slip and Fall Accident

James J. Dunn, Esq., a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, recently settled a slip and fall claim that arose over an icy sidewalk. A Somerset County woman was using the sidewalk when she slipped and fell due to ice that was...Read More

$300,000 Settlement Reached After Traumatic Brain Injury

Kim Gozsa, Esq., a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, recently resolved a case that arose out of a fall down incident that occurred at a home. While working as a home health aide, our client fell down a flight of steps that...Read More

How does Accident Reconstruction Work?

After an accident it is critical that an accurate series of events is established to determine what happened in the moments leading up to the crash. Accident reconstruction is a tool that auto accident lawyers , investigators...Read More

Two Young Boys Injured when Bounce House is Flung 50 Feet into the Air

The popular inflatable bounce houses featured at children’s birthday parties and social events everywhere is now the subject of scrutiny after a serious accident in New York seriously injures two young boys and a young...Read More

$190,000 for Slip and Fall

A Somerset County woman fell on an ice covered sidewalk. During discovery, we learned that the ice was caused by the Defendant’s decision to have a drainage pipe discharge water directly onto the sidewalk. Discovery also...Read More

$250,000 for Severe Burns

David T. Wheaton , a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, recently settled a case involving a case for a Middlesex man who worked for a grocer and was delivering vegetables to a local diner. Unfortunately, one of the cooks in the...Read More

$100,000.00 Settlement for Motor Vehicle Accident

Associate Robert Cook recently settled a case for the defendant’s $100,000.00 liability policy limits, for a client whose vehicle was rear-ended while he was stopped in traffic; as a result of the crash plaintiff required...Read More

$695,000.00 Settlement for Fall at Restaurant

Associate Robert Cook recently settled a case for $695,000.00, for a client who fell in a hole while walking from her car through Defendant’s parking area toward a restaurant’s front entrance. The fall caused shoulder...Read More

What You Should Know about Social Security Benefits before Applying

Understandably, people in their sixties will begin to consider applying for social security. With so much information available it is easy to feel lost. Our firm has compiled some social security basics to help you and your ...Read More

$100,000 Recovery for Victim of Tractor Trailer Accident

Mark Kuminski, Esq., a Certified Civil Trial Attorney with our office, recently resolved a case for a client that was the driver of an automobile which was traveling north bound on South River Road In Cranbury, New Jersey. His...Read More

Five Forest Fires Singe Hundreds of Acres in Ocean County

Firefighters battled five separate blazes in Ocean County on April 24, one which forced the evacuation of hundreds of homes and a middle school. Over 1,000 acres of land have been torched by the fires since Thursday morning,...Read More

Friend Requests and Jury Service--ABA Issues Opinion on Social Media Rules for Attorneys

The American Bar Association issued an ethics opinion on Thursday which defined an attorney’s obligations regarding the social media accounts of jurors and potential jurors. Attorneys are free to scour the internet...Read More

Building the Brooklyn Bridge

After taking nearly a decade to be completed, the Brooklyn Bridge was unveiled in May 1883. The bridge was one of the most famous and remarkable engineering feats of the 1800s, but it came at a cost. Approximately 30 laborers...Read More

$100,000 for Slip and Fall on Pavers

Jim Dunn, Esq., a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, recently resolved a case on behalf of a Hunterdon County client was caused to fall on unsecured temporary pavers. Discovery determined that this area that all tenants would have...Read More

Cumberland County Dog Summoned to Jury Duty

A summons mistakenly addressed to one Bridgeton man’s dog requested the canine’s presence at jury selection in Cumberland County. IV Griner is a 5-year-old German Shephard, which doesn’t exactly make her...Read More

GM Rejected Improved Ignition Switch Design in Favor of Lower Costs, Advocates Say

In a letter to CEO Mary Barra, heads of the NHTSA and the Center for Auto Safety allege the company chose not to use a more robust spring in the ignition switches of 2003 Chevrolet Cobalts because of the expense of the new part....Read More

Distracted Drivers Cause Nearly Half of Past Decade's Accidents

Almost half of New Jersey’s motor vehicles accidents in the past ten years have been attributed to distracted or inattentive drivers. During a speech at a traffic safety event in Paramus, New Jersey’s acting Attorney...Read More

Pervasive Phone Scam Prompts IRS to Renew Consumer Warning

A widespread phone scam has garnered the dubious distinction of being the largest scam of its kind, according to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. The IRS has just renewed its Oct. 2013 warning about...Read More

$100,000 for Injuries Sustained in a Motorcycle Accident

Jim Dunn, Esq., a Certified Civil Trial Attorney , recently resolved a matter involving a Somerset County resident who was driving a motorcycle and had an accident when the defendant made a left hand turn directly in front ...Read More

Auto Accidents Decrease in Monmouth County for Third Straight Year

Monmouth County car accidents resulting in injuries and death have gradually been decreasing in recent years, according to new data. NJ Department of Transportation statistics show drivers in Monmouth County have been involved...Read More

One Question with Levinson Axelrod, Ep. 3

What is the verbal threshold and how does it affect your chances for recovering compensation in an auto accident? Todd Wachtel asks Levinson Axelrod attorney Michael Fusco to explain. The following ...Read More

Toyota Issues Global Recall of More Than Six Million Vehicles

Toyota Motor Corp. is recalling more than 6 million vehicles spanning nearly 30 models in the U.S., Japan and Europe for a variety of problems, ranging from air bags not deploying to driver's seats not locking properly. ...Read More

Today is National Be Kind to Lawyers Day!

Just as many other professions are honored with a day of appreciation, today is a great opportunity to show a little TLC to your friends in the legal industry—it’s Be Kind to Lawyers Day! Fighting old clichés...Read More

Monmouth County’s Most Dangerous Roads for Walking

Taking a walk in Monmouth County can have serious consequences if you travel along busy streets or highways. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS)...Read More

$300,000.00 for Injuries Sustained in Motor Vehicle Accident

David Wheaton, Esq., a Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, recently settled a case involving a Monmouth County woman who was in a major motor vehicle accident approximately two-years ago injuring her neck. She endured physical therapy,...Read More

$200,000 for Injuries for Passenger in Car Accident

David Wheaton, Esq., a Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, recently settled a case involving a 15-year old girl that was a passenger in her boyfriend’s car. She suffered significant knee injuries when the car lost control on...Read More

Feds Press GM CEO for Details in Faulty Ignition Recall

General Motors’ CEO Mary Barra sat before a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on April 1 to further explain exactly why the company took so long to recall 2.53 million vehicles with defective ignition switches....Read More

Job Opportunity: Marketing & Business Development Coordinator

Prominent Central Jersey personal injury law firm seeks full-time business development specialist focusing on integration of marketing strategies and expansion of internet presence. This newly created position offers an...Read More

General Motors Recall Highlights Importance of Lawsuits in Keeping Consumers Safe

For nearly one hundred years, courts around the country have ruled that vehicle manufacturers have a duty to create safe products for their customers to drive. This means that a person who purchases a car has the right to expect...Read More

$200,000 for Fall on Ice at Condo Complex

A Somerset County resident was caused to fall on ice at her condominium complex. Investigation determined that the design of the roof caused water and melting snow to funnel into a small section of the roof. During discovery...Read More

Monmouth County SO Warning Residents about Solicitation Scams

Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden is issuing a warning against solicitation scams by organizations claiming to be associated with the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office. Golden’s warning came after the agency...Read More

NLRB Rules College Athletes are Employees, Could Receive Workers’ Compensation

A ruling from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on college athletics could change the face of private school sports. The College Athletes Players Association (CAPA) won its case before the NLRB on Mar. 26, 2014,...Read More

NJ Judge Rules School can Sue Students for Bullying Classmate

According to a report by the New Jersey Law Journal, a group of Hunterdon teens accused of bullying a classmate for four years may now be sued by the school district, Superior Court Judge Yolanda Ciccone says. The plaintiff,...Read More

Additional $100,000 for Pedestrian That Was Hit by Car

Brett Greiner, Esq., a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, recently settled a case involving a pedestrian that was hit by a car. Our client suffered a chip fracture in his lower leg and was knocked unconscious. The driver of the...Read More

One Question with Levinson Axelrod, Ep. 2

Attorney Todd Wachtel hosts "One Question with Levinson Axelrod" and on the second episode he discusses the biggest change since Workers' Compensation Administrator Kevin Engelhard joined the firm in 1985....Read More

$999,730.00 Jury Verdict for a Fall Following Snowstorm

Mark Kuminski of our office recently obtained a jury verdict in a case which was tried over a two week period in Middlesex County. Our client, an 83-year old man, slipped and fell on ice in the parking lot of his apartment...Read More

Appellate Division Reviews New Jersey Fraud Statute and Workers’ Compensation

In the recent published decision of Bellino v. Verizon Wireless , the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division recently reviewed the New Jersey Fraud Statute, N.J.S.A . 34:15-57.4, as it relates to New Jersey Workers’...Read More

$100,000 for Injuries in Car Accident

Partner, Mark Kuminski, Esq. , a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, recently settled a case arising out of a three-car accident. The Plaintiff was the driver of an automobile which was stopped in traffic for a red light. His vehicle...Read More

One Question with Levinson Axelrod, Ep. 1

Attorney Todd Wachtel hosts "One Question with Levinson Axelrod" and on the first episode he discusses a specific workers' compensation case with attorney Kevin Engelhard.   The following...Read More

$500,000 for Motor Vehicle Accident

Partner, Brett Greiner, Esq. , a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, recently resolved a case for a client that was injured in a motor vehicle accident . The bed of the defendant’s pick up truck had opened and a tool box...Read More

$225,000 Resolution for Nursing Home Head Injury

Just this week a nursing home case was resolved on the eve of trial involving a head injury from a fall to a severely compromised Alzheimer’s patient. Despite the client’s pre-existing dementia and lack of ability...Read More

Superior Court Judge Compliments Levinson Axelrod

Recently, Levinson Axelrod attorney David A. Cook attended a statewide seminar on civil case law. A New Jersey Superior Court Judge was one of the panelists, and when referencing the firm noted that Levinson Axelrod was...Read More

$425,000 for Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Hunterdon County man settled motorcycle accident for $425,000.  The plaintiff was traveling on Old York Road when suddenly and unexpectedly a vehicle, which had been traveling in the opposite direction, turned directly ...Read More

New AAA Survey Shows Decline of Texting While Driving in NJ

According to a recent AAA survey, less New Jersey drivers now text while driving. In fact, 27 percent of those who completed the survey say they have texted while driving, versus the 33 percent who admitted texting while driving...Read More

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