Result: Michael Colacci Secures $125K Settlement for Intersection Accident Victim

In April, Attorney Michael Colacci was successful in negotiating a $125,000 settlement for a client who suffered neck injuries when his vehicle was struck at an intersection.

According to case records, our client was operating his vehicle in Bernards Township when he approached an intersection where he had the right of way and no traffic control device controlling his direction of travel. As our client began to proceed, another vehicle drove through a stop sign and into our client’s path, making a collision between the two vehicles unavoidable.

The defendant driver argued that he effectuated a “rolling stop” where his vehicle “came down to zero miles per hour but did not roll back” before he entered the intersection. This was inconsistent with our client’s recollection of how the accident occurred, as well as the recollection of an independent witness.

As a result of the accident, our client presented to a local emergency room and completed a roughly one-year course of conservative care for injuries to his cervical spine. An expert radiologist report opined that our client suffered one new disc bulge, one new disc herniation, and an aggravation at two additional disc levels. Nerve testing further revealed he suffered from cervical radiculopathy due to the collision. During his care, treating physicians recommended an epidural steroid injection and discussed surgical options, but our client ultimately did not undergo any injections or surgical procedures.

The case was venued in Somerset County and was settled in April 2021 for $125,000. The recovery will help our client cover medical bills associated with treating his injuries and provide compensation for his pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages.

Michael N. Colacci is an Attorney at Levinson Axelrod, P.A. who represents clients in Somerset, Union, and Middlesex Counties. A Certified Civil Mediator with experience litigating a range of torts, personal injury matters, and civil rights claims, Mr. Colacci is passionate about helping victims of negligence and wrongful acts seek meaningful financial recoveries.