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Cell Phone Use Can Lead to Legal Liability

Most of the public knows that using a cell phone while driving can be a violation of various laws and that you may receive tickets. In addition to breaking the law, using a cell phone while you are driving may make you responsible for any car accidents that happen while you are using your phone.

When someone brings a lawsuit because they were involved in a car accident, that person (the Plaintiff) must prove that the other driver (the Defendant) was careless or negligent. In some recent cases, drivers have argued that the other drivers were at fault for the accident because the other drivers were using a cell phone during the accident or right before the accident.

In a lawsuit, the other driver would be able to obtain your cell phone records to prove that you were, in fact, using your cell phone near the time of the accident. When you are using your cell phone while driving a car, you may, for example, take your eyes off the road to dial a number, be distracted by an important conversation or be holding onto the steering wheel with only one hand.

These types of actions could be considered careless/negligent and may expose you to a lawsuit. Next time you are using your cell phone in your car, please remember that not only may you receive a ticket, you may be found responsible for any motor vehicle accidents.


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