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  • Why We See Clients Nights and Weekends

    At Levinson Axelrod we have a tradition of being available for our clients at their convenience. My father founded the firm in 1939 when WWII was right around the corner. Many of the working people that he represented in the 1940’s had no set hours and needed a lawyer nights and 7 days a week. He was there for them. The firm started in a small converted house in Perth Amboy, New Jersey and was a ...
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  • Icy Roads Lead to Many Crashes in New Jersey

    Meteorologists predict that New Jersey will experience cold winter storms. The freezing temperatures and snow are already settling throughout the state. This is cause for concern for all of the commuters. The roads are even more dangerous than they were before. It is the responsibility of the drivers to maneuver carefully over the icy streets. Unfortunately, there have been many crashes already, ...
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  • Adam Rothenberg Spearheads The Art of Direct Examination Seminar

    Attorney Adam Rothenberg of Levinson Axelrod, P.A. will be serving as the co-chair and moderator at The Art of Direct Examination, a seminar he spearheaded. Adam Rothenberg saw a need for greater education on the topic of direct examination. Out of this idea, The Art of Direct Examination Seminar was born. The seminar will take place Saturday, February 6 at The Heldrich in New Brunswick. Adam will ...
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  • Washington Post Article Shows Companies Making Millions of Dollars Off the Injured

    An investigation by the Washington Post shows an alleged flaw in the system that allows companies to make millions of dollars off of injured individuals. The story begins with Terrence Taylor, who had suffered burns and disfigurement as a young boy due to a defective electric heater. A settlement with the liable company in 1989 would pay him $31.5 million over his lifetime. In 2014, Taylor was ...
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  • Levinson Axelrod Supports Middlesex County Youth Shelter for the Holidays

    Thanksgiving serves as a time to pause and reflect on all the blessings in our lives. Unfortunately, not everyone is as fortunate as others are. The holidays always remind us to reach out to those less fortunate. That is why Levinson Axelrod, P.A. was honored and humbled to help the Middlesex County Youth Shelter. Our firm worked with the shelter to help provide warm meals and food for the ...
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  • The Holidays Are Time for Peace

    As we approach the holiday season, remember that the best gift you can give yourself and others is the gift of reconciliation. As we prepare for the holiday season, this may be the best time to reconcile with loved ones we haven’t spoken to in years. In our work as personal injury attorneys, we often find ourselves at funerals, supporting clients who have lost loved ones suddenly and without ...
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  • Free Hats to Celebrate Our 75th Anniversary

    Levinson Axelrod, P.A. is proud to be celebrating the end of our 75th anniversary as a firm, and we're doing so by giving away a limited quantity of "Talk to My Lawyer" hats. If you would like to redeem your free hat, just like us on Facebook and follow the instructions! To redeem this offer, simply contact us through our Free Case Evaluation link on our website. ...
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  • Ronald B. Grayzel Selected to "Best Lawyers in New Jersey"

    Partner Ronald B. Grayzel of Levinson Axelrod was selected by peer recognition to “Best Lawyers in New Jersey” for 2016. Levinson Axelrod is proud to announce that Ronald B. Grayzel has been selected to the list of “Best Lawyers in New Jersey” 2016 by his peers. The award was recently published in The New York Times. Attorney Ronald Grayzel has been representing plaintiffs since 1977, is a ...
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  • Partner Adam L. Rothenberg Presented Clients Choice Award by AVVO

    We are proud to announce that our partner Adam L. Rothenberg was presented the “Clients Choice Award” by the internet site AVVO . This award is in addition to his prior designation as a Top Contributor and Avvo Rating of 10.0 out of 10 on the website. Avvo is the internet’s premier website for free legal advice, rating of lawyers and recommendation of lawyers. It functions similar to Yelp where ...
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  • Many A&P Workers Jobs Were Saved reported that Federal Judge Robert Drain approved the sale of 95 of the A&P owned stores, including 39 in New Jersey, to Acme and Stop and Shop. As a result of this approval, nearly 11,000 people will keep their jobs. Additionally, it is also our understanding that A&P finally posted the necessary bond that is necessary to pay claims for injured workers in Worker’s Compensation ...
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  • Public Safety Officers' Benefit Program Provides Death, Disability and Educational Assistance When Injury Happens on the Job!

    The Public Safety Officers’ Benefit Program provides benefits to Public safety officers (PSO) and their families if the PSO is injured or killed in the line of duty. This program first enacted in 1976 and subsequently expanded is designed to assist in the retention of PSO’s, establish their value in the community and offer peace of mind to the men and women in those lines of work. There are very ...
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  • Happy Labor Day from Levinson Axelrod

    disability benefits while you are out of work, and benefits for any permanent injury. For over 75-years, Levinson Axelrod handling New Jersey Worker’s Compensation cases. Even though Labor Day marks the “End of Summer,” it is also a good time to remember to celebrate all of the important work done to protect worker’s rights now and in the future.
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  • Adam Rothenberg's Recent Settlement of $2,650,000 is Reported in the New Jersey Law Journal

    New Jersey Law Journal in its August 7, 2015 edition, Adam Rothenberg, Esq. recently settled a case for $2,650,000 in the matter of Harvey v. New Jersey Department of Transportation . In this case, Adam represented Christopher Harvey who was working with a company to replace reflective pavement markers in Edison. While working, Mr. Harvey was struck by another vehicle that had been left in neutral ...
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  • Liberty Mutual Pulls Out of NJ for Workers' Compensation

    According to a June 12, 2015 article in the Boston Globe, Liberty Mutual will be de-emphasizing Worker’s Compensation as part of its business. Liberty Mutual is the 2nd largest Worker’s Compensation carrier in the State of New Jersey, which covers injuries for thousands of employers. This Boston company started a century ago insuring railway, shipbuilding, and tannery workers hurt on the job. ...
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  • Homeowner Associations Must Remove Ice and Snow from Sidewalks

    Ronald Grayzel, Esq. recently participated in a successful appeal before the New Jersey Supreme Court in the matter of Qian v. Toll Brothers . Ron acted as a “friend of the court” on behalf of the New Jersey Association of Justice. The plaintiff, a guest at a family member’s condominium unit, was injured when she slipped and fell on a icy sidewalk in the complex. The sidewalk was a common area ...
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  • A&P Supermarkets File for Bankruptcy

    As reported by, A&P, also known as the "Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company", filed for bankruptcy protection in July. However, this is a story that will not end simply. Recently, lawyers for the "A&P" filed a Motion with the Judge handling the bankruptcy proceedings to modify the agreements previously made with union workers. They are now seeking to discount seniority and reduce ...
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  • Brian McElroy Talk on Proper Insurance Coverage

    Brian McElroy, Esq., an associate from our Hillsborough office, spoke at the Somerset Run adult community on June 1, 2015. Brian spoke with residents about the proper auto insurance coverage and the importance of homeowners insurance. Brian was invited to speak at the community by one of his prior clients who was happy with his representation in her case. The hour-long talk concluded with a ...
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  • Todd Wachtel Presents At Workers' Compensation Seminar On "Learned Treatises"

    On May 1, 2015, Todd Wachtel, Esq. presented a lecture at the annual "May Day" seminar to workers' compensation attorneys on the issue of "Learned Treatises." Todd was asked to present this seminar by Judges from the Lebanon workers' compensation court. Learned Treaties are articles and studies written or conducted by experts in their particular field. Attorneys for Plaintiffs and Defendants use ...
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  • Robert Cook Presents "You're 18, Now What?" To Central Regional High School Seniors

    On April 28, associate Robert Cook of the firm's Forked River office appeared before the senior students at Central Regional High School in Bayville speaking about "You're 18, Now What?." The talk informed students of their legal rights and responsibilities upon their reaching the age of majority. A wide range of topics was covered including: Employment, Internet Safety, Consumer Rights, ...
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  • Jersey Shore Bar Agrees To $500,000 Fine And Suspension

    Martell’s Tiki Bar, one of the largest Jersey Shore beachfront bars, has agreed to a 30-day license suspension and $500,000 in fines for serving alcohol to an intoxicated patron who later caused a crash that killed her and severely injured another woman. The license suspension will not take place until after the summer, according to a consent order signed by the state and the bar’s attorneys. This ...
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  • Walmart, Nordstrom And Safeway Bankrolling Nationwide Campaign to Gut Workers' Comp

    Recently, an article in Mother Jones magazine, reported that nearly two-dozen corporations, including Walmart, Nordstrom, and Safeway are funding a lobbying effort to make it more difficult for workers to receive benefits following an injury at work. They have created a lobbying group, the Association for Responsible Alternatives to Workers' Compensation (ARAWC), whose goal is to change the ...
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  • Charitable Immunity Defense Limited

    Recently, in the case of Kuchera v. Jersey Shore Family Health Center, the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division, ruled that a non-profit health center is not entitled to charitable immunity. Charitable immunity is a legal principal that gives immunity to various non-profit corporations, societies, or educational organizations that are established exclusively for religious, charitable ...
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  • Levinson Axelrod Fights To Keep Lebanon, NJ Court Open

    Recently, rumors spread among workers’ compensation attorneys that the Court in Lebanon, New Jersey would be closing, as a cost-saving measure. While the State of New Jersey had not made a formal announcement, it was confirmed by local newspapers that the plan was to close Lebanon and move the judges and cases to Mt. Arlington and New Brunswick. Currently, the Court serves residents of Somerset, ...
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  • Monmouth County Court Announces Domestic Violence Waiting Room

    According to a 2012 New Jersey State Police publication, there were 65,060 domestic violence offenses reported, including 38 murders. Arrests were made in 31% of the offenses, and children were present at 29% on the incidents. 75% percent of the victims were women. In an effort to help people going through this process, the Monmouth County Court recently announced a domestic violence waiting room ...
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  • Levinson Axelrod Attorney, Rosemary McGeady Esq. Speaks at National Conference

    Rosemary McGeady Esq., an attorney from our Edison office, spoke on February 28, 2015 at the American College of Legal Medicine's conference at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. Rosemary, who is also a doctor, has been a Fellow of the American College of Legal Medicine for years. This organization consists of individuals who, like Rosemary, have both a medical degree as well as a legal degree. ...
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